CDMA Technology
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DO Advanced Features - Device Enhancements

Device Enhancements can also achieve higher data rates and an improved user experience. These enhancements include:

  • Enhanced Equalizer detects and analyzes the interference from both the pilot and traffic channels, thus allowing it to take advantage of those instances when the data traffic on adjacent cells changes frequently. Given the chattiness of smartphone applications, the receiver with the Enhanced Equalizer will frequently achieve a higher data rate than a legacy receiver that only analyzes the interference from the pilot channel (while ignoring the widely fluctuating traffic channel interference).

  • Mobile Transmit Diversity (MTD) is the reverse link companion to Mobile Receive Diversity (MRD) that is used to receive signals on the forward link. With MTD the mobile device uses an additional transmit chain and antenna to send data. This feature improves performance across the network, including at the cell-edge where the end-user data rates can increase by as much as 80% in the reverse link, or even 110% with the separate introduction of interference cancellation at the base station (RLIC). With respect to reverse link sector capacity, the performance gain can be as much as 20%, or 30% with interference cancellation at the base station (RLIC).