CDMA Technology
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Welcome to the World of CDMA

CDMA Topics

Introduction to CDMA

... if you are totally new to this technology!
Multiple Access Wireless Communications
An overview of the traditional systems - the old way . . .
The CDMA Revolution
CDMA approaches optimal use of the electromagnetic spectrum. Extraordinary capacity is its hallmark!
Principles of CDMA
CDMA is a form of Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) - What does that mean?
Commercialization of CDMA
Here's some of the rationale that turned CDMA from a concept into a viable commercial system.
The Air Interface
The common air interface is the common ground on which equipment manufacturers and operators must agree. These pages survey the cellular (TIA/EIA/IS-95A) and PCS (ANSI J-STD-008) air interface standards.

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