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Common Air Interface

There are two CDMA common air interface standards:

Cellular (824-894 MHz) - TIA/EIA/IS-95A

PCS (1850-1990 MHz) - ANSI J-STD-008
They are very similar in their features, with the obvious exceptions of the frequency plan, mobile identities, and related message fields. Our purpose here is only to give a general overview and foster a modest level of understanding. For that reason we generally do not distinguish between the two standards. The official documents should always be consulted for precise information.

It should be kept in mind that, while the standards are quite stable documents, they are subject to an ongoing review process by the standards bodies that are responsible for them. Revisions can be expected. There are also may associated documents such as network interface standards, service option standards (primarily vocoders), and performance specifications. Some of the more important ones are listed in our Standards page. Forward CDMA Channel

Reverse CDMA Channel

Paging - Under construction

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