CDMA Technology
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1xEV-DO Release 0 Interface
In addition to the air interface techniques described in the previous section on CDMA2000 1X, the following high-speed packet data transmission enhancements are incorporated into CDMA2000 1xEV-DO Rel 0:
  • High-Speed Packet-Switched Downlink Channelization Structure: bundling downlink resources into a packet data channel to enable high-speed data rate transmissions by combining all of the available Walsh codes and power
  • Fast and Adaptive Modulation and Coding Schemes: to optimize the delivery of packets based on changes in the radio environment
  • Fast and Adaptive Packet Data Scheduling: to rapidly adapt to changes in the radio link
  • Fast Hybrid ARQ: to acknowledge correct receipt of data and retransmit erroneous data
  • Incremental Redundancy Feedback in the Downlink: to increase the effective data rate in the uplink by terminating the transmission of a packet early if it is decoded earlier than expected
  • Fast Downlink Rate Control: to rapidly adjust to changes in the radio environment
  • Uplink Rate Control: to efficiently control the transmission of mobile devices
  • Downlink Multiple User Separation: to efficiently assign the downlink channel to users
  • Downlink Transmission Signaling: to indicate the downlink modulation and coding
  • Closed Loop Downlink Power Control: to reduce power used by the base station
  • Uplink Rate Detection: to enable correct decoding of uplink data traffic
  • Short Transmission Time Intervals (TTI): to accelerate the transmission of packets