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CDG Sponsor Spotlight - Nokia Siemens Networks

Nokia Siemens Networks: A year in CDMA…

It’s a year since Nokia Siemens Networks entered onto the CDMA stage. In that time CDMA has continued to extend its reach, increasing numbers of subscribers, networks and opportunities. These have been mirrored by some exciting technology developments and trends. Thanks to our heritage and inherent capabilities, we too have made significant strides and are privileged to be powering some of the world’s leading CDMA operators. We’re committed to our CDMA path and as a result Nokia Siemens Networks has launched its Flexi Multiradio CDMA Base Station that helps CDMA operators meet the challenges of cost-effective network operation and migration to LTE.

Flexi Multiradio CDMA Base Station is an energy efficient, compact base station that needs minimal site space, cutting rental costs and making site location easier, both indoors and out. It all adds up to cost savings of up to 70%. Using the common Flexi Base Station family makes the integration of CDMA into multi-technology sites straightforward, particularly important as LTE becomes more widely adopted. The new solution emphasizes the company’s long-term commitment to CDMA by integrating the technology into its wider Flexi base station portfolio.

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