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3G - CDMA2000

CDMA and OFDM: The Convergence of Wireless Broadband Services
By CDMA Development Group, April 2008

MEID And EUIMID Migration
By CDMA Development Group, November 2007

Evaluation Of Co-Existence Interference Between CDMA 1900 MHz and WCDMA 2100 MHz
By Association of Unified Telecom Service Providers of India (AUSPI), October 2007

Maximizing Network Value: Capitalizing On The Next Wave Of Mobile Broadband Data Applications
By CDMA Development Group, October 2007

CDMA2000 For Developing Markets
By CDMA Development Group, January 2007

By Airvana, October 2006

MMS Inter-Carrier Implementation Guideline
By CDMA Development Group & GSM Association, August 17, 2006

The Smart Money Is On 3G: The Accelerating Migration to 3G Technologies
By CDMA Development Group, August 2006

Mobile VoIP Over 1xEV-DO
By Paul Callahan, VP, Businesss Development, Airvana, July, 2006

CDMA2000 EV-DO Revision B
By Motorola, May 2006

The Role Of CDMA2000 In The Success Of Wireless Broadband
By The CDMA Development Group, May 2006

An Analysis Of VoIP Service Using 1xEV-DO Revision A System
By Qi Bi, Senior Member, IEEE, Pi-Chun Chen, Yang Yang, and Qinqing Zhang, Senior Member, IEEE, January 2006

Delivering Voice and Data: Comparing CDMA2000 and GSM/GPRS/EDGE/UMTS
By The CDMA Development Group, December 2005

The 3G Evolution: Taking CDMA2000 Into The Next Decade
By Michael W. Thelander, Signal Research Group, LLC, October 2005
White Paper developed for the CDMA Development Group
Also available in: Spanish and Portuguese

WiMAX: Opportunities And Challenges In A Wireless World
By Michael W. Thelander, Signal Research Group, LLC, July 2005
White Paper developed for the CDMA Development Group
Also available in: Spanish and Portuguese

CDMA2000 International Roaming: A Status Report
By CDMA Development Group, March 2005
Also available in: Spanish

CDMA2000 For Wireless In Local Loop Networks
By Mullaguru Naidu & Vera Kripalani, Global Technology Marketing, Qualcomm, December 2004

Opportunity For All: Using Wireless To Provide Universal Access To Telecom Service
By CDMA Development Group, October 2004

The Indian Telecommunications Experience: Its Relevance For The World
By The Shosteck Group, September 2004

Americas MMS Inter-carrier Implementation Guidelines
By 3G Americas & CDMA Development Group, May 2004

A Forward Link Performance Study of the 1xEV-DO Rev. 0 System Using Field Measurements and Simulations
By Qi Bi, Lucent Technologies, March 2004

Overview Of CDMA2000 Revision D
By R. Thomas Derryberry, Alan Hsu and Walt Tamminen, Nokia, 2004

The Growth And Evolution Of CDMA2000 1xEV-DO
By Airvana, February 2004

Measures Of Wireless Data Performance
By Qi Bi, Ching-Yao Huang, Patrick Li, and Mark E. Newbury, Lucent Technologies, 2003

Forward Link Performance Analysis Of The CDMA2000 3G 1X Data System
By Qi Bi, Pi-Chun Chen, Patrick Li, Stan Vitebsky and Yang Yang, 2003

Performance Of 1xEV-DO Third-Generation Wireless High-Speed Data Systems
By Qi Bi, Ronald R. Brown, Dongzhe Cui, Asif D. Gandhi, Ching-Yao Huang and Stan Vitebsky, 2003

CDMA2000 & Wi-Fi: Making a Business Case for Interoperability
By CDG, September 2003

Investigating The CDMA2000 1xEV-DO Market
By Randy Battat, Airvana, July 10, 2003

Forward High-Speed Wireless Packet Data Service in IS-2000 – 1xEV-DV
By Anthony C.K. Soong, Seong-Jun Oh, Aleksandar D. Damnjanovic and Young C. Yoon, Ericsson, April 2, 2003

CDMA 1X Security Overview
By Christopher Wingert and Mullaguru Naidu of Qualcomm, August 2002
This paper discusses how CDMA2000 1X implements three major features of mobile security: authentication, data protection, and anonymity.

1xEV: 1x EVolution IS-856, TIA/EIA Standard, Airlink Overview, Revision 7.2
By QUALCOMM, November 7, 2001

Voice And Data Performance Of The CDMA2000 1xEV-DV System
By R. Thomas Derryberry, Lin Ma, Zhigang Rong, Nokia Research Center, Submitted to International Communication Conference 2003
This paper describers the forward and reverse link enhancements resulting in CDMA2000 Revision C and presents system level performance data under mixed voice and data scenarios.

Technical Overview Of 1xEV-DV, Ver. G1.4
By Motorola, September 6, 2002
This document views the technical and product impacts of 1xEV-DV.

Shosteck Group White Paper on TDMA 3G Migration Paths
By Shosteck Group, June 2001
This white paper looks at both GSM and CDMA as possible 3G migration paths for current TDMA/IS-136 operators from independent analysis by The Shosteck Group. It concludes that CDMA offers a viable evolution path for TDMA operators.

All-IP 1xEV-DO Wireless Data Networks - A Technical White Paper
By Airvana, Inc., 2001
In this paper Airvana shows how the combination of 1xEV-DO with an All-IP architecture can offer significant financial, operational and technology benefits to wireless operators.

High Speed Wireless Data - Building The Business Case
By Airvana, Inc., 2001
Airvana has developed the following business case to demonstrate how operators can build a CDMA2000 1xEV-DO 3G network with an All-IP architecture to deliver new high-speed data services.

Alternative Migration Paths To Providing 3G Services
By Ovum, 2001
Independent analyst and consulting firm, Ovum, discusses two approaches to delivering high-speed data on wireless networks.

CDMA Technology

Past As A Guidepost To The Future: Reflections On The Continued Growth Of The Mobile Communications Industry
By Shiv K. Bakhshi, Ph. D. and Randy Giusto, IDC, September 2007
Sponsored by CDMA Development Group

CDMA R-UIM, Frequently Asked Questions
By Pura Font, Gemplus, August 2005

Exploiting The Caribbean’s Mobile Roaming’s Potential
By Jose F. Otero, President, Signals Telecom Consulting, March 20, 2005

Over-The-Air Provisioning In CDMA
By Rohini P.P, Gemplus Technologies, October 2004

Why Do CDMA Subscribers Need The R-UIM?
By Pura Font, Gemplus Corporation, March 10, 2004

An Approach Towards Convergence Of Walsh Codes With SDH Virtual Containers For nth Generation Wireless
By Annam Thyagaraja Kishore, Lucent Technologies, August 2003

Ericsson And CDMA-Related Standards Organizations
By Ericsson, July 2003

Remote RF Is Becoming A Mainstream Solution
By Cedric Taylor, Celerica, June 2003

Reverse Link Capacity And Coverage Improvement For CDMA Cellular Systems Using Polarization And Spatial Diversity
By Levent Aydin, Eduardo Esteves and Roberto Padovani, Qualcomm, published by IEEE, 2002
This paper explores the benefits of increased diversity order using spatially separated, polarized antennas at the base station receiver of a CDMA cellular system.

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Capacity and Coverage Improvements of Adaptive Antennas in CDMA Networks, V1.2 (remove template just post pdf)
By Erik Lindskog and Mitchell Trott of ArrayCom Inc., May 16, 2001
This white paper presents analysis of the effect of adaptive antennas on network capacity and coverage.

A Novel Polarization Smart Antenna
By Joseph Shapira and Samuel Miller, Celletra, May 7, 2001

Transmission Considerations For Polarization-Smart Antennas
By Joseph Shapira and Samuel Miller, Celletra, May 5, 2001

On Polarization Transmit Diversity In CDMA Regimes
By Joseph Shapira and Samuel Miller, Celletra, February 20, 2001