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CDMA Spectrum September 1997

columnOne - What's In A Name? - by Perry La Forge
In June 1997, the CDMA Development Group (CDG) formally unveiled the cdmaOne™ name and logo at the Second Annual CDMA World Congress(R) in Singapore. Our goal in developing this brand was to create a global technology designator for IS-95 based CDMA systems. As cdmaOne becomes an increasingly common term in the global wireless industry, I'd like to take this opportunity to discuss the meaning behind the name and the advantages it provides to CDG member companies and to share with you our vision for wireless communication in the years to come.

Across the Spectrum - New Markets, New Trails, New Directions
DMA firsts in Europe and India for Motorola, NTT plans wideband trials in Japan and Qualcomm links up with Vodafone for CDMA/GSM integration trials.

CDMA World Congress - Networking - by Vaughan O'Grady
The first CDMA World Congress discussed a technology just out of the starting blocks. Now cdmaOne is up and running. What issues have come to light over the last 12 months?

Generation - Will cdmaOne Be The Third Choice? - by Stanley Chia
For many industry observers, it’s clear that CDMA will offer the best platform for third generation systems. But there is more than one CDMA path available. For many established operators already using cdmaOne technology, the ideal third generation approach would involve an evolution from the existing standard. Can cdmaOne deliver?

International - Partners and Pioneers - by Maurie Dobbin
CDMA was a gamble for Korea. Today, with more than 4.36 million Korean CDMA subscribers and millions of dollars in revenues flowing to Korean CDMA manufacturers, that gamble has paid off.

Interviews - Let's Show Them What We Can Do - by Matt Desch
Processor power is not a problem. Voice coding is well served. New markets beckon for fixed access applications. We no longer need to tell ourselves that CDMA works, says Matt Desch, Nortel’s President, Wireless Networks. It’s time to discuss the advantages of CDMA — and to look to its future.

Interviews - Out Of The Lab And Into The Loop - by Irwin Jacobs
Qualcomm introduced the wireless industry to the technology that is today called cdmaOne. Now there is no shortage of players in a market that the company helped to create. Dr Irwin Jacobs, Chief Executive Officer, Qualcomm Inc. discusses handset development, wireless local loop and the rollout of cdmaOne in the US, and suggests ways of overcoming industry differences on wideband CDMA.