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CDMA Spectrum October 1998

columnOne - Fast Forward, by Perry LaForge
cdmaOne is continuing along an incredible growth path. This claim is not just public relations rhetoric but a fact that is substantiated by metrics from independent sources. The thing that makes the success story all that more impressive is the fact that economic downturns in some CDMA markets have not hindered growth as one might suspect. In fact, a recent report by an industry analyst suggested that there may be a global slow down for CDMA. Nothing can be further from the truth.

Across the Spectrum - Opportunity and Uncertainty
Big opportunities in small markets across North America. Australia embraces cdmaOne as analog networks give way to digital. And the hunt goes on for 3G harmony.

Base Stations - Reaching Third Base, by Fred Dawson
Data applications are set to be the driving force behind third generation CDMA technology. Today base stations are at the heart of solutions being developed by vendors to marry new high-speed services to voice infrastructures already in place.

Fraud - It'll Never Happen..., by Stuart Jeffery
..or will it? CDMA cloning is unknown now but in a few years time it may not be - especially if operators avoid the authentication process. A proactive strategy is required to prevent CDMA cloning fraud.

From The Editor - Something for Everyone? - by Vaughan O'Grady
The third generation question is dominating the news of late. But could our interest in the future be diverting our attention from the needs of today?

New Products - Here Today - More Tomorrow
This issue's round-up includes products that have already made an impact in 1998, some recent announcements, and a couple of sneak previews of items that will hit the market next year.

North America - Why All Roads Lead To Roam - by Gary Drouillard
Competition in the North American roaming market is forcing cdmaOne operators to look further afield to boost revenues, with international coverage moving higher up the agenda. The legacy of past numbering systems is, however, making things difficult. Gary Drouillard, ICO Global Communications.