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CDMA Spectrum March 1999

columnOne - Investing In Tomorrow, by Perry LaForge
Cost-effective, high quality and future-proof... at a time when revenue generation and competition are on the minds of many operators, the inherent advantages of cdmaOne are more important than ever.

Across The Spectrum - Latin America: The New Land Of Opportunity? by Robert Walzer
Latin America has been in the news constantly since its wireless markets opened up. From Mexico to Argentina, both mobile and fixed access services look set for growth. What are the prospects for cdmaOne in this highly promising but economically uncertain market?

Handsets - Crowd-Pleasing Performance, by Tammy Parker
In demanding, high-density markets like Israel, Japan and Korea, vocoder technology faces the problem of maintaining high voice quality without sacrificing capacity. Could the 8K Enhanced Variable Rate Vocoder offer the solution?

Marketing - Connecting With The Customer, by Paula Serratore
CDMA can be a business tool in one market, a low-cost everyday service in another and an essential aid to basic communications in a third. The task for service providers is to find out which approach is going to sell in which market. But they're not alone; manufacturers can help them find a marketing solution that works. Here's how. Paula Serratore, senior director, NSS Global Marketing, Motorola.

Net Man - Rise To The Challenge, by Ramzi Bargouthi, CDMA Technical Director, MSI
The coming of IS-95 networks promised much in terms of new capabilities, but with a new technology came new approaches and new tasks for cellular engineers to learn. What are the major challenges of cdmaOne network planning and optimization?

Roaming - Here, There And Everywhere? by Harriet Meyers
Not yet, but for cdmaOne roaming, times are changing. Competition from other technologies, growing demand-especially from visitors to the US-and technology breakthroughs mean that more and more cdmaOne carriers now feel they must embrace international roaming.

Test And Measure - Keep In Touch, by Usman S. Goni, LCC International Inc.
The need for CDMA networks constantly to expand and evolve is putting pressure on wireless engineers to guarantee system performance. What tools and methods are available to help them monitor and maintain network quality?