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CDMA Spectrum March 1998

columnOne - A Perspective on 3G, by Perry LaForge
Discussion of third generation (3G) systems has reached a fevered pitch in recent months. Going by the amount of press coverage the topic’s received, you’d think carriers around the world were planning to roll out these systems over the next few months. Unfortunately, perception has outstripped reality.

From The Editor
Only 12 months ago we were discussing something called IS-95 and its progress in the US and Asia. Now we talk about cdmaOne, opportunities around the globe and a role in the third generation of mobile services.

Billing and Tariffing - It All Adds Up, by Susie Helme
In an ever-changing market, billing systems constantly have to take on new challenges — more traffic, multiple service offerings and a greater variety of calling plans. CDMA has also instigated a number of new services. CBIS provides billing for the two biggest CDMA providers in the U.S. Bob Hritsko, the company’s wireless market manager, offers some insights into the challenges they face.

Handsets - The Next Step, Narciso Mera And Antoinette McDermott, Lucent Technologies Microelectronics Group
With the worldwide acceptance of CDMA well under way, the focus is shifting from initial deployment to system enhancements and technology advancements. Service providers and equipment manufacturers are working in conjunction with the TIA to improve coverage, call quality and systems capacity. Latest evidence of this is the Enhanced Variable Rate Vocoder (EVRC), now being deployed in Korea.

Interview - First And Foremost, by Maurie Dobbin
With its high density population, it’s little surprise that CDMA has really taken off in Korea. SK Telecom is the country’s leading mobile communications carrier and the biggest CDMA carrier in the world. But will the company maintain service quality in the face of new PCS competition? Dr Jung Uck Seo, president of SK Telecom, offers some insight into the company’s strategies.

Marketing - Spreading The Word, by Harriet S. Meyers
One of the key challenges manufacturers and operators face is to sell CDMA as the technology of choice. The message must be that it is all about making life simpler and more productive. What marketing approaches are they creating to convince their target audiences?

Network Management - More Than A Day’s Work, by Doug McGregor, Nortel
Network engineering is no easy task. Among the challenges faced by companies are short lead times, constant shortages of staff and difficult environments. And with CDMA technology developing all the time, it’s more than a one-off assignment.

North America - Survival Of The Fittest, by Fred Dawson
North America's CDMA-based wireless operators, having gained a firm market footing more quickly than even they anticipated, now face crucial choices over how to use their platforms to maximum advantage in the brutal competitive struggles that lie ahead.

Products & Services
Building a CDMA network is little use without the tools to ensure ongoing optimum performance

Roaming - A Global Concern - by Michael McClelland and Apple Bass GTE TSI
The issue of international roaming is about to intensify. The global village is coming to the wireless industry, and with it comes the challenge of making its many disparate parts work together. Demand is on the up from all population sectors. Studies abound weighing the pros and cons of the various wireless technologies that are currently being developed. In the end, however, it’s about the consumer and how operators can meet their needs. MICHAEL MCCLELLAND AND APPLE BASS GTE TSI