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CDMA Spectrum June 1998

columnOne - Building For Tomorrow By Focusing On Today, by Perry LaForge
The first year since the cdmaOne™ brand was announced has been an exciting one. Throughout the second year, and beyond, growth and evolution promise an even more impressive performance. Perry LaForge Executive Director CDMA Development Group

Across The Spectrum - The Next Big Market?
An assessment of opportunities in Africa for cdmaOne, plus a round-up of some of the major contracts and agreements of the past two months.

From The Editor - A World Apart — Or Together?
Africa and Asia. They’re about ten hours apart by plane but only a couple of years ago they could have been two separate planets as far as cdmaOne™ was concerned.

3rd Generation - New Directions For Data, by Tammy Parker
Data is the word as cdmaOne operators eye a host of new network capabilities enabling them to offer new value-added services that can exploit present and future generations of technology.

Asia - A Band Apart? by Maurie Dobbin
While cdmaOne has long been viewed as the means of relieving 800 MHz operators of overcrowding, it is the new cdmaOne networks at 1.7, and especially at 1.9 GHz, that are likely to shoulder the burden in the Asian region.

Operator Listings
A listing of operators of present or planned commercial mobile and WLL networks at all CDMA frequencies. The listings are presented in alphabetical order of region. This list is regularly updated. Notification of ommissions, additions or changes in details should be sent to the editor of cdmaSpectrum

Product Locator
A listing of companies supplying cdmaOne-related products and services. To find out which companies supply the items you require, cross-reference these entries with the products and services index below.

Products - The Story So Far
As the first half of the year comes to a close, many in the industry are looking forward to the possibility of important product announcements at the World Congress. In the meantime here are some of the new — or enhanced — ideas that have been offered to the cellular, PCS and specifically cdmaOne industry over recent months.

Satellites - Handsets Reach New Heights, by Erik Milstone
It’s well-known that CDMA technology will play a pivotal role in Globalstar’s global mobile satellite service. However, all the satellite systems soon to begin commercial services are planning to offer handsets with cdmaOne capability.

Show Calendar
Find out what exhibitions and conferences are happening in the world of CDMA. If you have any information regarding future events, send it to Joanne Wheeler at our London office: cdmaSpectrum, 5th Floor, Mortimer House, 37-41 Mortimer Street, London W1N 7RJ, UK. Fax: +44 171 208 0130

Test & Measurement - Testing Time, by Fred Dawson
Defining, let alone measuring, all the technical parameters essential to success in CDMA wireless operations is an ongoing challenge that’s about to get tougher.