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CDMA Spectrum June 1997

columnOne - Growth and Expansion of IS-95 CDMA, by Perry LaForge
Welcome to the first issue of CDMA Spectrum, the quarterly journal of the CDMA world. As the Executive Director of the CDMA Development Group (CDG), I am pleased to introduce this periodical. We will be working in partnership with Mobile Communications International who will be the publishers of this new title.

Across the Spectrum

Big Contacts, Big Plans for CDMA
Motorola makes good in Japan, the IS-95 pioneer expands its portfolio and the CDMADevelopment Group's Advanced Standards Initiative looks ahead to the Third Generation of CDMA.

CDMA Maps Out Its Future
Delegates to the second annual CDMA World Congress can look back over ayear of escalating activity. As recent events have proved, interest in IS-95 is growing fast, not only in the spectrum-hungry industrialized nations, but also in the developing world.

Handsets - Something in Hand for a Growing Market, by Tammer Parker
The number of CDMA terminals available remained small in the early months of 1997 but, if launch intentions are anything to go by, this could still be the breakthrough year for the CDMA handset market.

International - IS-95 CDMA Becomes A World Standard, by Patrick Donegan
Over the past two years, IS-95 CDMA has moved beyond the borders of North America to play a major role in the international wireless market. It already accounts for mobile infrastructure contracts or trials in areas as diverse as Hong Kong, Zambia and Israel, and now even European resistance may be weakening.


Assessing the Impact of IS-95, by Scott Erickson
Now that IS-95 CDMA has made the jump from promising technology to major world player, where do the people driving its growth think its future lies? CDMA Spectrum talked to senior figures in two of the biggest companies working with CDMA, Lucent and Motorola, about the way forward for IS-95. Here, Scott Erickson, Vice President, Marketing and International Business Development, Wireless Infrastructure, of Lucent, assesses the progress IS-95 has made in a relatively short time and suggests that a great deal more market growth is on the horizon.

IS-95: Progress, Performance and Prospects, by Jack Scanlon
Jack Scanlon, General Manager of Motorola's Cellular Infrastructure Group talks to CDMA Spectrum about the achievements of the IS-95 standard, the challenges it faces and the opportunities for CDMA in the wireless local loop market.

USA - CDMA Leads in the Cross-Country Race, by MJ Richter
CDMA has already established itself as the wireless technology of choice across much of the US; over half the country's service providers are rolling out CDMA-based services. Attention is now turning to its performance, in both the new PCS and upgraded cellular networks.