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CDMA Spectrum December 1998

columnOne - From Seoul to Sao Paulo, by Perry LaForge (also in Español)
The growth of cdmaOne in 1998 was impressive, but next year promises even faster network expansion. With Latin America set to make a major contribution to cdmaOne growth in 1999 and beyond, the standard can now offer a presence in every continent on earth. Perry LaForge, executive director, CDMA Development Group.

Across the Spectrum - Back On Track? by Vaughan O'Grady
Despite the economic battering that the country has taken in recent months, Korea's biggest CDMA equipment manufacturer is not only looking forward but making plans for the next generation.

From the Editor - Before We Move On - by Vaughan O'Grady
cdmaOne is breaking out. Over the past 12 months, its early markets of Korea and the US have been joined by numerous others as mobile and WLL applications have been rolled out or introduced in Japan, Eastern Europe, Latin America and India. More recently, it's been announced that Australia will soon have its very first cdmaOne mobile system to replace the AMPS network which is to be phased out shortly. Meanwhile the technology approaches another milestone as subscriber numbers edge towards 20 million.

Developing Markets - Leap Into The Unknown - by Tammy Parker
A company spun off from Qualcomm is seeking to build its business in countries with low teledensity and a perceived economic riskiness. However, the rewards could be substantial.

New Products - What's New - And What It Can Do
This issue's selection of products and services includes a number highlighted at the recent CDMA International Conference by manufacturers from the world's biggest cdmaOne market-Korea.

Project Report - Repeat Performance - by David Bolan, Vice President of Marketing, Repeater Technologies
Wireless operators rolling out new networks want to see a return on investment before rounding out their coverage, but also need full coverage from the outset to lure subscribers. Repeater networks offer a cost-effective way of solving the dilemma.

Test & Measurement - In Good Voice, by Bob Chapin
Top-quality test and measurement procedures help CDMA operators realize the full potential of their network, in terms of both reliability and voice quality. And that means more satisfied customers generating more revenue for the operator.

Across Spectrum - Time To Take Stock.........
Movers and shakers in the cdmaOne world gathered recently in Berlin and Los Angeles to consider progress and plan strategies for the future. Meanwhile a new annual awards ceremony accords recognition to past achievers in the cdmaOne industry.

Data/3G - Window On The Wireless Future?
The computing industry is going mobile as WirelessKnowledge enters the data standards marketplace -and data-friendly CDMA could benefit.

Data/3G - Wireless Data Moves Up A Gear - by Tammy Parker
With cdmaOne technology speeding towards ever higher data transmission capabilities, operators are seeking to establish third generation network standards and to develop high-function hardware devices for sophisticated consumers.