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CDMA Spectrum December 1997

columnOne - Look Ahead, by Perry LaForge
Clearly, 1997 has been a remarkable year for the CDG and its member companies. cdmaOne systems are now in over 25 countries around the world, serving over six million customers on five continents. The adoption rate of cdmaOne has been the fastest of any technology to date – a testament to its robustness and maturity. Furthermore, the adoption of cdmaOne by China, Japan, India and other major high-growth wireless markets will continue to fuel subscriber growth and improve worldwide economies of scale for cdmaOne.

Across the Spectrum - From Bahia to Beijing
The coveted Brazilian market is opening up to digital wireless services. Auctions of 800MHz digital licenses have begun and the PCS frequencies are expected on the market by 1999.

Asia - More Than A Seoul Success, by Maurie Dobbin
Asia leads the cdmaOne drive for global market share with almost 80% of the world’s CDMA subscribers. Korea is far and away the dominant market, but a number of other countries in the region have chosen cdmaOne — and more are likely to follow.

Base Stations - Creative Cost Cutting, by Tammy Parker
As cdmaOne expands worldwide, various new approaches and innovative technologies are being deployed or examined that support or enhance the performance of base stations and other network infrastructure. Could they take the bite out of network deployment costs?

Data - Beyond Words, by Jeffrey A. Schlesinger, UBS
If voice services become standard, data and information could be selling points of the future. In fact cdmaOne’s robustness and bandwidth could mean that, for future investors, its real benefit could be data rather than voice.

Interviews - CDMA Reaches New Heights, by Doug Dwyre
Global Mobile Personal Communications Systems will soon offer remote subscribers connection into terrestrial networks by relaying signals through one or more satellites. One of the companies planning to offer this service is Globalstar, whose President, Doug Dwyre, explains the company’s approach to the market and the role played in its service by CDMA technology.

Value Added Services - Making A Difference, by John M. Lusa
A successful rollout of cdmaOne in the US is only the start. The next stage is to make it pay in a highly competitive wireless market. A growing number of value added services are helping operators to differentiate their networks and attract customers.