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CDMA World October 1999

Wireless Internet and Information Services - Live and Unplugged on cdmaOne Networks - by Perry La Forge, Executive Director, CDMA Development Group
Of the many significant events the wireless industry witnessed this year, one of particular note is the cdmaOne operators' commercial launch of wireless Internet and information services around the world. 1999 is the year when operators began testing the information services market.

Making The (Up)grade - by Fred Dawson
The resolution of long-standing technical issues surrounding the evolution of CDMA networks has suddenly made the co-ordination of data and network expansion strategies a whole lot easier as wireless operators step up the build-out pace across the globe.

From The Fringe To The Forefront - by Maxine Carter-Lome, Wireless Marcom
The CDMA world is getting ready for the ITU's quadriennial exhibition and conference for the worldwide telecommunication industry. Four years ago CDMA received little exposure at the show; today it is central to discussions of the future of wireless.

Mid-term Report - by Harnek Minhas
cdmaOne has had a good first half of 1999. Not only is it the leading digital wireless standard in North America, but recent figures indicate that the rest of the world is embracing the technology.

Let's Talk About It - by Tammy Parker
Peace hasn't entirely broken out in the CDMA harmonization debate but constructive discussion now appears to be the order of the day. Meanwhile, New Zealand follows the Australian trend with its first cdmaOne network.

Making Money By The Packet - by Peter Dykes
There will be major rewards when-and if-the massive potential of 3G is realized-but first, operators must take a radical look at the way they charge and bill for their services.