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CDMA World June 1999

cdmaOne Evolution to Third Generation: Rapid, Cost-effective Introduction of Advanced Services - by Perry La Forge, Executive Director, CDMA Development Group
Third generation (3G) technology is a topic that has been in the industry headlines constantly in the past year. The issues surrounding 3G have been publicized in the media with the CDMA Development Group (CDG) highly visible in its efforts to resolve the compatibility issues between CDMA2000 and W-CDMA.

Delayed Reaction - by Tammy Parker
The wireless local loop boom has not yet materialized. However, the potential for worldwide impact still exists, and CDMA-based technologies are well positioned to take advantage of the expected growth in the market.

Change of Direction? - by Maurie Dobbin
Australia and China are offering more digital choice to subscribers as CDMA networks are introduced or expanded alongside established GSM networks. Is it a trend the rest of the region will follow?

From One to 2000 - by Yiuman Leung
Agreements and technical advances are bringing the world closer to a 3G reality. But the journey from cdmaOne to CDMA2000 is still one that needs careful planning.

A New Title For A New Era - by Vaughan O’Grady
It hasn’t even happened yet, but already the millennium is a cliché. New beginnings, new approaches, new ideas… all the concepts have been rehearsed time and again months before the event.

Why Wait For Data? - by Jeffrey Belk
With the third generation of cdmaOne still a little way off, many operators are looking at ways to optimize use of available bandwidth while still offering high speed, high capacity data services. Among proposed solutions is high data rate (HDR) from the originator of the cdmaOne standard.

From Global to Universal? - by Alistair Urie
What is UTRA? Why is the GSM world now embracing CDMA-based technologies? And how will UMTS evolve from GSM? It’s time to discuss these and other important questions.

Behind The Headline - by Susie Helme
This issue’s look at CDMA newsmakers includes: Ericsson’s plans for development after the Qualcomm infrastructure acquisition; the continuing growth of cdmaOne networks; and an assault on the 3G market from a new, and perhaps unexpected, quarter.

Solutions For Sale
Smart antennas, echo cancellers, chipsets and 3G testing equipment are the components of this issue’s product round-up.