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CDMA World June 2001

A Direct Path To 3G… by Perry LaForge, Executive Director, CDMA Development Group
And possibly even to market leadership. The advantages of the CDMA2000 evolutionary path extend well beyond what it can offer cdmaOne operators. It is an internet-, data- and spectrum-friendly, IMT-2000-compliant standard every operator can use.

Generation 1X, by Mike Pickles
With the recently announced delays to the launch of WCDMA networks, CDMA2000 may be given a further boost. Korean operators are already leading the way with 1XRTT services but it looks like it might not be long before others in Asia and North America catch up.

X Marks The Spot, by Tammy Parker
…1x that is, which will be making its mark in North America with roll-outs planned for late 2001 and throughout 2002.

The cdmaOne To Watch, by Tammy Parker
It looks as though there may be trouble ahead for would-be WCDMA operators as they struggle to roll out and pay for the next generation of mobile technologies. Meanwhile, the cdmaOne operator community seems to be enjoying a relatively smooth transition to 3G. But is it all as problem-free as it looks?

Set Menus, by Ray Hegart
Delays to the launch of GPRS handsets are not bad news for everyone. It could be an opportunity for the CDMA2000 community to steal a march on its GSM-based rivals. Are CDMA handset, chipset and service developers ready to make the most of this opportunity?

Upgrade—Not Upheaval, by Leon Perlman
CDMA2000 promises to bring the first phase of 3G services to market ahead of the mass UMTS camp, and to do so with less disruption. But even a smoothly evolving standard requires some changes and additions to the networks employing it.