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CDMA World June 2000

Why Wait?, by Harriet Meyers
Wireless operators have billions of dollars invested in their networks, and, for the moment, limited bandwidth. More bandwidth is coming with the advent of 3G but better coverage and capacity are needed now. What techniques and technologies are on offer to help operators satisfy the demands of the markets of today in the run-up to the brave new world of tomorrow?

Fast Learners And Slow Developers, by Maurie Dobbin
The star cdmaOne markets have been performing well of late-in fact, for Japan, Korea and Australia, the success of the standard has brought one or two unexpected problems. For supporters of cdmaOne in China, however, such problems would be welcome.

Cooking Up Content, by Tammy Parker
Making a palatable potion of wireless Internet-based content and applications isn't easy, as players seeking the recipe for success are quickly finding out. But by using key ingredients like value chain integration and outside partnerships they are beginning to cook up a concoction of services that promise strong end user demand and healthy revenue streams.

A Tale Of Three Standards, by Francis MacDermot
It has a strong presence in five of the seven largest economies and is the apparent technology of choice of the two biggest regional operators. cdmaOne should be sitting pretty in Latin America. But the standard still faces formidable challenges from TDMA and GSM.

Handset Demand Hots Up, by Maxine Carter-Lome and Bob Chapin, Wireless Marcom, L.L.C.
North America comes under the spotlight in our news feature this issue, firstly in a look at the cdmaOne handset market which is hotting up as new players make a splash and established names redouble their efforts to meet growing demand.

3G Debuts With 1X, by Perry M. LaForge Executive Director, CDMA Development Group
CDMA is preparing to take a giant step along its development path with the introduction of the world's first third generation (3G) services later this year using IMT-2000 CDMA Multi-Carrier 1X technology (1X). This technology has been called many names in its development history - CDMA2000 phase 1, 1XRTT, 3G CDMA 1X - but regardless of the naming convention applied, it is the same set of advanced capabilities that promise to introduce the world to 3G in commercial form.