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CAT Telecom offers Advanced Mobile Broadband and Multimedia Services using CDMA2000 1xEV-DO Revision A

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BANGKOK — June 25, 2008 —
The CDMA Development Group (CDG) today congratulated CAT Telecom on launching its 3G CDMA2000® service nationwide to 51 provinces in Thailand. The CDMA2000 1X and 1xEV-DO Revision A (Rev. A) network supports telephony, high-speed Internet access, advanced broadband applications and multimedia services in upcountry areas that are not easily accessible by fixed-line telecommunications. With the expansion of 3G CDMA services, CAT Telecom expects to attract 100,000 users this year, significantly adding to its current subscriber base.

“Southeast Asia continues to be a strong growth area for CDMA, and we’re pleased to see CAT Telecom expand its 3G CDMA2000 offerings throughout Thailand,” said Perry LaForge, executive director of the CDG. “CDMA2000 offers operators a significant time-to-market advantage for 3G services, including high-performance voice, multimedia and broadband data services for both consumer and enterprise customers.”

CAT Telecom has upgraded its CDMA2000 network to EV-DO Rev. A to deliver high-speed Internet access and advanced mobile broadband services. Rev. A supports average user downlink data rates of 600-1400 kbps with bursts to 3.1 Mbps and uplink data rates of 500-800 kbps with bursts up to 1.8 Mbps in a 1.25 MHz radio channel. The company will use Rev. A’s advanced capabilities to differentiate itself in the market and provide an enhanced user experience to its subscribers. This industry leading broadband network, which has an initial capacity to serve up to 500,000 data users, will stimulate further innovation and competition in the Thai market. The benefactors of this competition will be the citizens of Thailand who will have increased access to affordable voice and broadband services that will improve their productivity and enhance their lifestyles.

“We are very excited to be the first Thai operator to offer advanced 3G services and extend the technology’s tremendous value to our subscribers nationwide,” said Mr. Jirayut Rungsrithong, Senior Executive Vice President of CAT Telecom. “Our customers are now able to take full advantage of CDMA2000’s superior capacity, speed and efficiency, which translates into cost savings, excellent coverage and a high quality of service for both voice and broadband data.”

CDMA2000 is becoming the technology of choice for emerging markets like Thailand to deliver high-quality voice communications and high-speed broadband Internet access. Its lower total cost of ownership and competitive handset pricing enables operators to deliver these services affordably and penetrate markets which have limited purchasing power. According to the Yankee Group, the average lowest handset pricing for CDMA2000 handsets is approximately 50 percent less expensive than the lowest cost UMTS handsets.
There are currently 451 million CDMA subscribers worldwide, and more than 97% of these subscribers are now taking advantage of 3G CDMA2000 services. CDMA2000 grew by 38% in APAC over the past year, bringing the total number of CDMA2000 subscribers in the region to 223 million, representing 51% of the 438 million CDMA2000 users worldwide.

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About CDMA2000
CDMA2000 is the most widely deployed 3G technology, with 258 operators in 98 countries serving more than 438 million subscribers. Counting 2G cdmaOne™ subscribers, there are more than 451 million CDMA users worldwide. CDMA2000 has become the technology of choice for developed and emerging market operators, and is deployable in the 450, 700, 800, 1700, 1900, AWS and 2100 MHz bands. More than 1,980 CDMA2000 devices from over 110 suppliers have been introduced to the market, including more than 519 Rel. 0 and 62 Rev. A devices on 100 CDMA2000 1xEV-DO Rel. 0 and 41 Rev. A systems. More information on CDMA2000 is available on the CDG Web site at

About CDG
The CDMA Development Group is a trade association formed to foster the worldwide development, implementation and use of CDMA2000 technologies. The more than 130 member companies of the CDG include many of the world’s largest wireless carriers and equipment manufacturers. The primary activities of the CDG include development of CDMA2000 features and services, public relations, education and seminars, regulatory affairs and international support. Currently, there are more than 500 individuals working within various CDG subcommittees on CDMA2000-related matters. For more information about the CDG, contact the CDG News Bureau at +1-714-540-1030, or visit the CDG Web site at

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