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The History of WIreless Press Release

The History of Wireless Reveals How Creative Scientists, Inventors and Entrepreneurs Built and Energized the Mass Market for Wireless

Author Ira Brodsky's Comprehensive New Book Contains a Treasure Trove of Timely and Practical Insights

ST. LOUIS - February 5, 2008 - In this age of effortless wireless global communications, an intriguing question emerges: From where did this mega-trend of ubiquitous wireless products and services come? Published by Telescope Books, The History of Wireless: How Creative Minds Produced Technology for the Masses describes for the first time the amazing journey of innovative thinkers and entrepreneurs, from early hard-won scientific breakthroughs, to the invention of cellular telephones, to emerging technologies and the industries that are being born around them.

"The story of how we got to where we are today is packed with the passion and excitement of scientific discovery, and is a wellspring of ideas and insights that will help lead the way to tomorrow's technology and business successes," said author Ira Brodsky. "The biggest battles--creating new markets, setting new technology standards and inventing new business models--have always been won by people with greater vision, courage and determination."

The History of Wireless tells the chronological story of how scientific discoveries and leading-edge communication innovations were transformed into today's mobile phones, wireless LANs and high-definition television. The 250-page trade paperback book provides many thought-provoking examples of how creative people achieved success, often by doing what others said could not be done:

  • Heinrich Hertz discovered radio waves and the photoelectric effect at the same time by carefully observing and pouncing on experimental anomalies;
  • Guglielmo Marconi built the first wireless business amid widespread skepticism while employing a service business model to mask his extremely primitive technology;
  • Reginald Fessenden saw the limitations of Marconi's technology and conceived the solution, but made compromises when he should have followed his passion;
  • Edwin H. Armstrong invented crystal clear FM radio after a leading telephone company engineer dismissed the technology as not worth pursuing;
  • Paul Galvin, founder of Motorola, never intended to be anything more than a successful small businessman, but learned that risk-taking and growth are essential to survival.

The History of Wireless shows how innovators exploit preparedness and luck, persistence and other peoples' false assumptions. The book also presents examples of how creative businesspeople leverage "just good enough" technology; know when to lease rather than sell ideas and equipment; and determine when and how to take risks.

The History of Wireless: How Creative Minds Produced Technology for the Masses, retails for $17.95, and is available directly from Telescope Books as well as booksellers worldwide.

About The Author
Ira Brodsky is an author and consultant with over 25 years of high-tech industry experience. He has been a regular contributor to leading industry publications, chaired several industry conferences, and served clients in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. The History of Wireless: How Creative Minds Produced Technology for the Masses is his third book about wireless technology. For more information, visit

About Telescope Books
Telescope Books publishes books about the most important and intriguing technologies, technologists and high-tech businesses. Based in St. Louis, the company draws on expertise in telecommunications, life sciences, computing and entertainment. For more information, visit

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