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 Availability of Affordable Devices and Services Makes CDMA2000 the Technology of Choice for Emerging Markets

JAKARTA, Indonesia — May 28, 2007 — Today, at a CEO Roundtable and Executive Briefing with all six CDMA2000® operators in Indonesia in attendance, the CDMA Development Group (CDG) announced that the total number of 3G CDMA2000 subscribers in Indonesia has surpassed the 10 million mark. With only 36% of the 66,778 villages in Indonesia using some form of telecommunications services, the potential growth rate of CDMA2000 subscribers is expected to be a staggering 64% CAGR . This growth is fueled by superior voice quality, high-speed broadband access, lower network total cost of ownership, and the growing availability and affordability of devices and services—making CDMA2000 the technology of choice in this emerging market.

Country Operator Network
Indonesia Bakrie Telecom

1X (Commercial)
EV-DO (Commercial)

Indonesia INDOSAT

1X (Commercial)
EV-DO Rel 0 (Commercial)

Indonesia Mobile-8 Telecom

1X (Commercial)
EV-DO Rel 0 (Commercial)

Indonesia Sampoerna Telekomunikasi Indonesia 1X (Commercial)
Indonesia Smart Telecom
(previously Sinar Mas Group, Indoprima Mikroselindo)
1X (To Launch)
Indonesia TELKOM Indonesia 1X (Commercial)

“The CDG is pleased to see the rapid growth of CDMA2000 in Indonesia,” said James Person, chief operating officer of the CDG. “In a market where only one in four people have access to a phone, CDMA2000 has proven to be the technology of choice to deliver telephone, Internet access, television, and broadband data services. Unlike previous 2G technologies, the favorable network economics, entry-level handset availability and maturity of 3G CDMA2000 makes it feasible for operators around the world to make a profit while offering extremely competitive tariffs.”

With cost reduction initiatives, such as the CDG’s Global Handset Requirements for CDMA (GHRC), CDMA Certification Forum (CCF) and carrier-led device aggregation efforts, the CDMA industry has sustained and accelerated its lead in the delivery of 3G handsets to provide affordable access to telephony, Internet and popular value-added services and applications.

The availability of low cost handsets and affordable Internet access tariffs has helped increase the penetration of telephone and Internet services within the region.

CDMA2000 operators in the region are able to provide subscribers with services such as television, music, distance learning, remote medicine and e-government via CDMA handsets. Since deploying CDMA2000 1xEV-DO services last year, Bakrie Telecom, Mobile-8 and INDOSAT are currently leading the way in the introduction of high-speed broadband data services in Indonesia. For example, in October 2006, using CDMA2000 1xEV-DO technology, Mobile-8 launched the first mobile television service in the country, called TV Mobi, by which subscribers are able to watch television shows from their mobile phones. These types of 3G services will continue to be enhanced with the deployment of CDMA2000 1xEV-DO Rev. A, a technology, which requires a simple software upgrade to existing 1xEV-DO networks to deploy, will enable service providers to deliver carrier-grade VoIP, push-to-talk, email with large attachments (both directions), webcam monitoring, TV broadcasts and countless other next-generation broadband services.

CDMA2000 has proven to be the best solution for serving the diverse needs of affluent subscribers in the densely populated urban areas of Indonesia, as well as the basic needs of those users with limited purchasing power in the sparsely populated rural areas of the country. 

About CDMA2000
CDMA2000 is the most widely deployed 3G technology, with 215 operators in 95 countries, including 70 CDMA2000 1xEV-DO systems, serving more than 325 million subscribers.  Counting 2G cdmaOne™ subscribers, there are more than 375 million CDMA users worldwide.  CDMA2000 has become the technology of choice for cdmaOne, TDMA, analog and greenfield operators, and is deployed in the 450, 700, 800, 1700, 1900 and 2100 MHz bands.  More than 1,700 CDMA2000 devices from over 92 suppliers have been introduced to the market, including more than 440 1xEV-DO and 26 Rev. A devices.  More information on CDMA2000 is available on the CDG Web site at

About CDG
The CDMA Development Group is a trade association formed to foster the worldwide development, implementation and use of CDMA2000 technologies. The more than 130 member companies of the CDG include many of the world’s largest wireless carriers and equipment manufacturers. The primary activities of the CDG include development of CDMA2000 features and services, public relations, education and seminars, regulatory affairs and international support. Currently, there are more than 500 individuals working within various CDG subcommittees on CDMA2000-related matters. For more information about the CDG, contact the CDG News Bureau at +1-714-540-1030, or visit the CDG Web site at  

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