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CDG Press Releases Archive 2007

December 5, 2007
3G CDMA Industry Achievement Awards Presented In Hong Kong

December 4, 2007
CDMA Continues Rapid Expansion In Asia-Pacific Region

November 29, 2007
CDMA Development Group Comments On Verizon Wireless’ Selection Of LTE

November 26, 2007
CDMA Reaches More Than 420 Million Subscribers Worldwide In 3Q 2007

November 20, 2007
CDG Applauds Landmark Decision At ITU WRC-07: International Telecommunications Union Approves 450 MHz AND 700 MHz Bands For 3G And Next Generation (IMT) Mobile Services

November 12, 2007
CDG Announces Strong Ecosystem To Support CDMA2000 In AWS Spectrum

October 30, 2007
CDG Congratulates PCCW On Successful CDMA2000 Bid In Hong Kong

October 29, 2007
CDG Congratulates WANA On Surpassing One Million Subscribers

October 18, 2007
CDG Congratulates Nordisk Mobiltelefon On Deploying Norway's Most Advanced Mobile Broadband Network

October 17, 2007
CDG Publishes White Paper On Wireless Data Services

October 15, 2007
CDG North America Regional Conference Showcases CDMA2000

October 15, 2007
CDMA Development Group Announces Call For Nominations For 3G CDMA Industry Achievement Awards

October 8, 2007
CDMA2000 Delivers Industry's First Wireless Broadband Solution To Support The Needs Of Public Safety Organizations

October 8, 2007
2007 3G CDMA North America Regional Conference To Take Place October 8-10 In San Diego

October 2, 2007
New IDC White Paper Reflects On Remarkable Growth Of The Wireless Industry

October 1, 2007
CDG Congratulates Starcomms Of Nigeria On Deploying The World’s Most Advanced 3G Broadband Network

October 1, 2007
Leading Industry Keynotes To Speak At CDMA Development Group’s 3G CDMA North America Regional Conference

September 24, 2007
Ultra Mobile Broadband (UMB) Specification Is Published

September 10, 2007
CDMA2000® Surpasses 400 Million Subscribers Worldwide In Q2 2007

September 17, 2007
Leading Wireless Technology And Service Companies To Discuss CDMA2000 And The Future Of Wireless At The 3G CDMA North America Regional Conference

September 17, 2007
Ultra Mobile Broadband™ (UMB™) Seminar In Hong Kong

September 4, 2007
CDG Commends LG Telecom On Rapid Deployment Of 1xEV-DO Revision A Services

September 4, 2007
Save The Date: 2007 3G CDMA North America Regional Conference To Showcase Latest In Mobile Broadband Communications

September 3, 2007
CDG Congratulates Smart Telecom On Launching CDMA2000® Nationwide In Indonesia And Upgrading It To 1xEV-DO Revision A

September 3, 2007
Leading Wireless Companies Demonstrate Support For Ultra Mobile Broadband At Wireless China Industry Summit 2007

August 22, 2007
India’s CDMA2000 Subscriber Base Surpasses 50 Million

August 9, 2007
CDMA Development Group Comments On Media Reports About India’s 3G Spectrum Policy

July 26, 2007
CDMA2000 Continues To Gain Market Share As The Dominant 3G Wireless Technology In North America

July 16, 2007
KDDI Continues To See Strong Growth From Customers Choosing Mobile Number Portability

July 10, 2007
CDMA2000 Continues To Dominate 3G Wireless Market In Asia Pacific

June 4, 2007
CDMA2000 Operators Delivered 3G Services To More Than 350 Million Subscribers Worldwide In Q1 2007

May 31, 2007
CDG Congratulates Bell Mobility On Deployment Of CDMA2000 1xEV-DO Revision A

May 28, 2007
CDMA2000 Subscriber Base In Indonesia Breaks 10 Million Mark

May 24, 2007
CDMA Operators Continue To Break Industry Records In India; Leading The World In Subscriber Growth, Network Cost Reductions And Ultra Low-Cost Handset Availability

May 15, 2007
More Than 250 Operators In 105 Countries Worldwide Have Selected CDMA2000

May 15, 2007
CDMA Operator In The Caribbean And Latin America Are Providing Advanced Mobile Broadband Services To Users Throughout The Region

May 8, 2007
CDG Applauds Allocation Of 800 MHz Spectrum To South African CDMA Operators

May 7, 2007
CDG Congratulates Hong Kong’s Telecommunications Regulator On Its Decision To Allocate 850 MHz Spectrum For 3G CDMA2000 Services

May 2, 2007
CDG Congratulates WANA On Its Successful Launch Of CDMA2000 Services In Morocco

April 30, 2007
CDMA Industry Continues To Drive Down The Cost Of CDMA Handsets

April 30, 2007
CDMA2000 Is The Technology Of Choice For 3G Services In Africa And The Middle East

April 30, 2007
CDG To Host Live Spanish Webcast On Growth Of 3G CDMA2000 In Latin America

March 27, 2007
CDMA2000 1xEV-DO Rev. A Deployments Expand Across The Globe

March 26, 2007
Leading Wireless Companies Demonstrate Support For Ultra Mobile Broadband at CTIA Wireless 2007

March 22, 2007
CDMA2000 Presence Increases In South Asia – The World’s Fastest Growing Region For Wireless Services

March 21, 2007
CDMA Development Group Launches CDMA University

March 20, 2007
Ultra Mobile Broadband (UMB) Seminar At CTIA Wireless 2007

March 12, 2007
CDMA Industry Recaps Major Milestones In 2006  

March 5, 2007
Ultra Mobile Broadband (UMB) Seminar Offered At CTIA Wireless 2007

February 28, 2007
CDG Congratulates Telmex On Its Deployment Of CDMA450

February 27, 2007
KDDI Continues To Lead In Net Subscriber Additions

February 26, 2007
CDG Congratulates China Unicom On CDMA Growth

February 21, 2007
CDMA Industry Witnesses Record Breaking Growth

February 20, 2007
Advanced 3G Services Continue To Increase Data Revenue, Bolster Voice Revenue And Reduce Churn 

February 7, 2007
CDMA Industry Delivers 3G Handsets That Cost Less Than $35 USD

February 6, 2007
Leading Industry Executives To Showcase The Future Of 3G Wireless Devices And Services

February 5, 2007
CDMA450 Sees Rapid Global Expansion