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MIAMI BEACH , Fla., Sept. 14, 2005 -- The CDMA Development Group (CDG) ( today announced the winners of the 2005 3G CDMA Industry Achievement Awards, which were presented yesterday at the 3G CDMA Americas Congress. Companies and individuals were recognized for excellence in deploying 3G CDMA networks, products, and services. Awards for consumer and enterprise applications were also presented, in partnership with the Mobile Entertainment Forum (MEF) and Mobile Enterprise magazine, respectively.

The industry and consumer awards were presented by Perry LaForge, executive director of the CDG, and Greg Young, chief officer, network and VAS for Tata Teleservices and a CDG executive officer. LaForge and Ed Meskill, publisher of Mobile Enterprise magazine, presented the enterprise awards.

"The CDMA community is leading in the delivery of 3G wireless services across the globe and there are many accomplishments to recognize," said LaForge. "The CDG congratulates all recipients of this year's awards and applauds their contributions to making CDMA2000® the technology of choice for 3G."

This year's 3G CDMA Industry Achievement Award recipients are:

  • Industry Leadership: Mr. Tadashi Onodera, KDDI
    This award is given to the individual who has provided dynamic leadership in 3G CDMA industry activities, including contributions to standards development and the growth and evolution of CDMA.  

    Tadashi Onodera, President and Chairman of KDDI, for his leadership in driving CDMA2000 penetration in Japan, and for promoting the CDMA2000 family of standards in the global cellular market.  
  • International Leadership: Sprint
    This award is given to the company that has contributed significantly to the expansion of 3G CDMA through system deployments.  

    Sprint, for leading the CDMA2000 industry in the number and growth of international roaming agreements, and for offering analog and GSM roaming where CDMA networks are not available.  
  • Service Innovation: Verizon Wireless
    This award is given to the carrier that has leveraged the capabilities of 3G CDMA to introduce innovative services to the market.   Verizon Wireless, for its rapid U.S.-nationwide deployment and implementation of BroadbandAccess and V-CAST services using CDMA2000 1xEV-DO technology.  
  • Subscriber Technology Innovation: TELUS Mobility, Digit Wireless and LG Electronics, Inc.
    This award is given to the companies that demonstrate forward thinking in terms of services supported and terminal design. Resulting products take advantage of the inherent benefits and latest technological developments of 3G CDMA, offering consumers state-of-the-art terminals in terms of both features and packaging.  

    TELUS Mobility, Digit Wireless and LG Electronics, for TELUS' deployment of the LG 6190 handset which uses Digit Wireless' Fastaps alphanumeric keypad, eliminating the triple tapping required to input text for messaging, email and web browsing.  
  • Network Technology Innovation: BridgePort Networks and Telcordia Technologies
    This award is given to the company (or companies) that has leveraged the capabilities of 3G CDMA to introduce innovative services to the market.

    BridgePort Networks developed a live service that roams mobile calls onto IP networks. The Mobile VoIP Live! service allows users to experience first-hand the sound quality and advantages of a service that provides seamless roaming between IP and mobile networks.  

    Telcordia Technologies, for developing Telcordia(r) Auto RF, an open, standards-based software tool that ensures a wireless network is working at its peak performance, resulting in increased capital efficiency, quality of service and customer satisfaction.  
  • Innovative Solutions: Bitfone Corporation and Qualcomm
    This award is given to the company (or companies) that has brought new ideas and different approaches to product deployment. Solutions provide value-added, cost-effective implementations for operators supporting the advancement of 3G CDMA into the market.  

    Bitfone Corporation, for developing device management solutions that can diagnose problems remotely and fix mobile handsets by updating firmware over-the-air (FOTA).  

    QUALCOMM, for developing the MediaFLO System, an end-to-end solution that enables multicasting of high-quality video, audio streams, clipcast media, and IP data-casting. MediaFLO provides the flexibility to bundle programming packages for specific market segments while still maximizing the aggregate delivery of content to numerous subscribers at once.  

The Consumer awards winners are:  

  • Innovative Application of Music/Audio: Motorola, Inc.
    Given to the application developer that has leveraged the capabilities of the 3G CDMA wireless medium to offer unique and appealing music and/or audio applications to the consumer market.  

    Motorola, for its Color Notes application, which allows voice and text messaging to achieve a new level with animation, tunes, sounds, and music that convey the user's emotions in a voice mail, multimedia message or text message.  
  • Innovative Use of Music: KTF
    Given to the operator that has leveraged the capabilities of the 3G CDMA wireless medium to offer unique and appealing music and/or music applications to the consumer market. Qualifications include sound, user interface and ease of use.  

    DOSIRAK allows KTF's subscribers to enjoy streaming music or download more than 900,000 titles. Subscribers can also relay music to MP3 players and set ring-tones. DOSIRAK has garnered more than 700,000 subscribers after only 3 months of commercial service.
  • Innovative Mobile Game Development: Mobliss
    Given to the game developer that has leveraged the capabilities of the 3G CDMA wireless medium to introduce a unique title or re- develop a console game with broad appeal to the consumer market.  

    Mobliss' Brady Bunch Kung Fu uses the speed of a CDMA2000 network to enable the player to store the game, which consists of nine characters with over 25 frames of animation for each, on their phone.  
  • Innovative Use of Mobile Television: Fox Mobile Entertainment
    Given to the operator or content provider that has leveraged the capabilities of the 3G CDMA wireless medium to offer unique and appealing mobile TV programming to the consumer market.  

    "24: Conspiracy" is a live-action drama created exclusively for mobile phones that was inspired by the hit TV show "24." From script to filming, "24: Conspiracy" was tailor-made for the mobile medium, with a story designed to be told in 24 one-minute segments.  
  • Innovative Entertainment Technology Development: KnowledgeWhere Corp.
    Given to the platform developer that has leveraged the capabilities of the 3G CDMA wireless medium to develop technologies that enable developers to create innovative entertainment applications.  

    KnowledgeWhere Corp., for its Location Application Platform, a full-featured multiplayer location-based gaming platform which allows for the rapid creation of a multiplayer virtual world and virtual objects.  

The Enterprise awards winners are:  

  • Innovative Wireless Enterprise Solution Implementation: Oasis Gaming and DataRemote, Inc.
    Given to the companies that have implemented a wireless enterprise application via a 3G CDMA network with the aim of streamlining operations, increasing worker productivity and achieving a compelling return on investment.  

    Oasis Gaming and DataRemote Inc. implemented an independent, stand-alone wireless communication solution for the Iowa State Lottery, the first wireless application used for lottery business in the U.S. The ease of the application and affordable cost of the wireless technology were critical components.  
  • Innovative Wireless Enterprise Solution Development: Telecom New Zealand and Telefonica Moviles Peru
    Given to the application developer that has leveraged the capabilities of the 3G CDMA wireless medium to offer innovative mobile applications that enable companies to streamline their operations, increase worker productivity and achieve a compelling return on their investments.  

    Using its CDMA2000 1X and 1xEV-DO networks, Telecom New Zealand has been able to develop a number of enterprise solutions that take advantage of the network capabilities to deliver cost- effective solutions providing improved efficiency and returns for its customers. One example is Timing New Zealand: Mobile Broadband enables them to deliver world class "instant" results for event organizers, media and on-site course commentators for domestic and international sporting events such as the New Zealand IRONMAN.  

    Telefonica Moviles Peru, for developing a complete and unique Sales Force Automation Solution based on BREW technology, whose features help corporate customers to speed up their processes as well as increase their productivity levels. This development has been designed as an international solution with a centralized ASP system in Lima that is capable of supporting multiple carriers and customers throughout its operation area.

Photos from the awards ceremony are available by contacting the CDG News Bureau at +1 714-540-1030.

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