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CDMA2000 Continues to be Leading Provider of Advanced 3G Services in North and Latin America

COSTA MESA, Calif., Dec. 17, 2003 – More than 1000 wireless professionals from the pan-American region attended the eighth annual CDMA Americas Congress in Miami to learn about the latest developments of CDMA2000®. Organized by the CDMA Development Group (CDG) in conjunction with the Institute for International Research (IIR), the conference stated the case for continuing the advancement of CDMA2000 as a wireless solution to provide increased speed and flexibility for voice and data services within the Americas. Participants included operators, vendors and content providers from around the world, with a significant increase in Latin American attendance, demonstrating growing interest in CDMA2000 in the region.

“CDMA2000 is a flexible technology, allowing carriers to offer competitive solutions for affordable voice services and high-speed access to data applications,” said Perry LaForge, executive director for the CDG. “Consumers and enterprise users are being introduced to a broad range of applications and services, while carriers are finding CDMA2000 to be a source of new revenue streams, strengthening their capacity and allowing them to differentiate their products and services. With more than 75 million

3G wireless subscribers on 80 networks throughout the world, CDMA2000 offers the most advanced services today.”

Highlights from the event included up-to-the-minute technical information on CDMA2000 technology evolution, an extensive exhibition, and the latest in next-generation devices. This year’s Congress presented reliable, market-tested strategies for realizing revenue, recent Latin America success stories, interactive workshops, and the ninth annual CDMA Test Forum. The CDG also held a press conference where operators discussed their experiences and future plans with CDMA2000.

Presentations ranged from case studies of CDMA services in the region and around the world to industry forecasts, investment trends and expert perspectives on emerging opportunities for CDMA technologies. Speakers stressed the benefits that CDMA2000 provides operators, including flexibility, spectral efficiency, high-speed data capabilities and cost advantages, all of which have contributed to the success of CDMA2000 and given it an optimal position to lead in the convergence of communication services. CDMA450 was also discussed as a cost-effective solution for providing universal services in Latin America.

Exhibits demonstrated the high-speed data capabilities of CDMA2000 1xEV-DO and 1xEV-DV, advanced consumer and enterprise applications, the latest CDMA2000 devices, and MMS interoperability among CDMA2000 operators and between CDMA2000 and GPRS networks.

Keynote and featured speakers included Paulino Barros, President, BellSouth Latin America; Cindy Christy, Chief Operating Officer, Mobility Solutions Group, Lucent Technologies; Soren Petersen, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Nokia; Dion Joannou, President, Caribbean and Latin America, Nortel Networks; Dr. Irwin Jacobs, Chairman and CEO, Qualcomm; Gilles Delfassy, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Wireless Terminals Business Unit, Texas Instruments; Dick Lynch, Chief Technical Officer, Verizon Wireless; and Mark Handler, Executive Vice President and Managing Director, International, The Walt Disney Internet Group.

This year’s Americas Congress was supported by leading companies in the wireless industry, including Airvana, Comverse, dynamicsoft, Ericsson, Huawei, IBM, Kyocera, Lucent Technologies, Navigation Technologies, Nokia, Nortel Networks, Qualcomm, Schema, SnapTrack, Texas Instruments and TSI. For a complete list of sponsors and exhibitors, as well as the detailed agenda, please visit the event Web site at

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