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CDMA Wireless Technology Delivers on New Wave of Services and Applications

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COSTA MESA, Calif., Jan. 2, 2002 - In a statement congratulating Telefonica Moviles del Peru for the company's commercial launch of advanced wireless data services based on CDMA IS-95B, Perry LaForge, executive director of the CDMA Development Group (CDG) (, stated, "Telefonica Moviles del Peru is at the forefront of the wireless revolution. CDMA IS-95B will allow the company to further strengthen its leading market position by delivering fastest and easiest access to the Internet and other data services. CDG congratulates Telefonica for its achievement."

Today, more than 100 million consumers worldwide rely on CDMA for clear, reliable voice communications and leading-edge data services. CDMA technology was designed with the Internet in mind, making it an ideal platform on which to build new applications. The technology is enabling access to a host of new services including restaurant information, m-banking, personal information management, enterprise solutions and e-mail.

CDMA IS-95B is a 2.5 technology and supports data speeds up to 64 kbps. It is capable of delivering more advanced Internet services including interactive games, conferencing and audio streaming with near-CD quality.

Telefonica Moviles del Peru is the leading wireless operator with nationwide coverage servicing more than one million subscribers, or 62.5 percent of wireless consumers in Peru. Telefonica Moviles del Peru is the first operator to launch CDMA IS-95B services in Latin America.