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More than 700,000 Wireless Subscribers in Korea Enjoy Internet Broadcast and Online Music with CDMA2000 Devices

COSTA MESA, Calif., Sept. 4, 2001 - The CDMA Development Group (CDG) ( reported that there are more than 23 CDMA2000-enabled handset models on the market today. These lightweight, slim devices provide wireless users access to full-color music videos, Internet broadcasts, and animation downloaded at 144Kbps via 3G CDMA2000 technology.

Among the manufacturers producing 3G handsets today are LG Electronics, Motorola, Samsung and SK Teletech. Twenty-two other models will hit the market by year's end. Companies including GTRAN, Novatel Wireless and Sierra Wireless have already commercially released PCMCIA cards for wireless access to high-speed data on laptops and PDAs.

"Today there are more than 700,000 3G CDMA2000 subscribers, and the number of new customers signing on for 3G service doubles each month. The commercial success of CDMA2000 is a result of strong support of the technology by a large number of service and product providers," said Perry LaForge, executive director for the CDG. "CDMA2000 operators and manufacturers clearly have a significant time-to-market advantage resulting in better economies and product pricing. With CDMA2000, it is a win-win situation for all parties involved."

The first-to-market advantage translates into lower prices for CDMA2000 products. According to a recent Gartner Group handset report, 3G-capable CDMA2000 handsets are less expensive than 2.5G GSM/GPRS handsets and are available more than four years ahead of comparable WCDMA handsets. In addition, CDMA2000 handsets are designed for backward compatibility making implementation easier for operators while ensuring an enhanced user experience.

CDMA2000 products will become available in the United States and Latin America by the end of the year as the operators in the region launch their 3G networks.

"In the near future we will see a wide range of CDMA2000 devices including PDAs, laptops and other products," said LaForge. "With three commercial 3G networks, proven infrastructure solutions and availability of a wide range of devices, CDMA2000 is clearly leading 3G deployment."