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Wireless Industry Leaders Bridge CDMA and GSM Air Interfaces for Mobile Subscribers in the Americas

COSTA MESA, Calif., Oct. 3, 2001 - The CDMA Development Group, (CDG) ( in collaboration with SchlumbergerSema, a provider of consulting integration services and products for smart card-based transactions, and Grupo Iusacell, S.A. de C.V. (BMV: CEL, NYSE: CEL), a leading independent telecommunications company in Mexico, today announced the first successful CDMA R-UIM trial in the Americas, utilizing SchlumbergerSema's Simera Airflex subscriber identity module (SIM) cards. The successful CDMA SIM card trial is the first phase in Iusacell's plan to conduct full CDMA/GSM interoperability roaming trials with a GSM network operator.

"Last year, the CDG introduced the world's first CDMA/GSM SIM card in China, providing wireless subscribers with the ability to communicate freely without boundaries," said Perry LaForge, executive director of the CDG. "Today's announcement reflects another major step for interoperability in the Americas, and is a true testament that CDMA wireless technology is laying the foundation for expanding CDMA roaming coverage worldwide."

"SchlumbergerSema's mission is to equip CDMA operators with the most competitive solutions available for 3G mobile services. Our Simera Airflex CDMA/GSM interoperable SIM card is designed to help these operators meet the challenges of today's mobile marketplace, while enabling them to plan and build new generations of services," said Edward A. Jacobsen, vice president and general manager, SchlumbergerSema Mobile Communications North America.

"Iusacell is dedicated to ensuring that our mobile subscribers are connected, whether they are at home or abroad," said Peter Burrowes, president and general director of Grupo Iusacell. "With CDMA wireless technology, our subscribers are guaranteed access to voice and advanced wireless services, with the advantage of true mobility."