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COSTA MESA, Calif. May 1, 2001 - The CDMA Development Group (CDG) today announced the planned publication of a white paper entitled, "CDMA2000 1X as a 3G Migration Alternative for TDMA/IS-136 Operators." The paper will compare migration strategies based on CDMA2000 and GSM and the commercial feasibility of introducing equivalent 3G services for TDMA/IS-136 operators. The paper is scheduled to be completed in early June, prior to the 3G World Congress 2001 being held in Hong Kong (June 11-15). The Shosteck Group (formerly Herschel Shosteck Associates, Ltd.) are serving as independent strategic consultants for the paper. In so doing, they will provide a balanced analysis and presentation. The paper will be made available on the CDG Web site upon completion of the paper.

The white paper will develop and analyze criteria for comparing migration paths to 3G CDMA, and, on the basis of those criteria, compare CDMA2000 and GSM as alternative migration paths for TDMA/IS-136 operators. The study will also determine commercially realistic expectations of the data rates and services that each respective migration path will deliver. The criteria for comparing migration paths will include spectrum availability, voice capacity, interoperability and backwards compatibility with legacy networks, the availability and costs of infrastructure, and the availability and costs of handsets.

Perry LaForge, executive director of the CDG noted that, "TDMA carriers around the world need to choose a migration path to add high speed packet data services and increase voice capacity. The paths include a direct migration to CDMA2000 or a circuitous migration path, which begins with GSM adds GPRS and then WCDMA."

In a joint statement, Dr. Herschel Shosteck, president and chairman of The Shosteck Group and Ms. Jane Zweig, CEO of The Shosteck Group, commented that, "The issues are complex. Technically feasible migration paths tell only a portion of the story. More important are the issues of cost efficiencies. In particular, we will focus on how much additional infrastructure (and supporting systems) will be required to upgrade TDMA/IS-136 networks, what kinds of handsets will be needed, when can they be delivered, and how expensive will they be. Our goal is to place into perspective the issues of rational costs vs. technology hyperbole, which is surrounding the migration."

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