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CDMA Development Group Lauds Leading Companies and Individuals for Outstanding Achievements

HONG KONG, June 13, 2000 - The CDMA Development Group (CDG) ( honored industry innovators at the 3G Industry Achievement Awards ceremony last night during the 3G World Congress being held this week at the Hong Kong Exhibition and Convention Centre. Perry LaForge, executive director of the CDG, was the master of ceremonies, and Brian O'Shaughnessy, president of the CDG and vice president of technology development at Bell Mobility, presented the awards.

"The CDG congratulates the winners of this year's Industry Achievement Awards for their outstanding contributions to the wireless industry, as well as all of our member companies for their support and continued dedication to the development of CDMA throughout the world," said LaForge. "The colleagues we are honoring today have achieved noteworthy accomplishments in the wireless industry, including the successful launch of the world's first true 3G services. We applaud their proven dedication to excellence in the wireless community."

The 3G Industry Achievement Award recipients are:

  • Industry Leadership Award: Oliver Valente, Sprint PCS
    This award is given to the individual who has provided the most dynamic leadership in 3G CDMA industry activities, including contributions to standards development and the growth and evolution of CDMA.

    Oliver Valente of Sprint PCS, for his leadership with Sprint PCS' Wireless Web offerings and their migration to 3G.

  • International Leadership: SK Telecom
    This award is given to the company(ies) that have contributed significantly to the expansion of CDMA through system deployments and/or implementation of international roaming.

    SK Telecom, for their deployment of the world's first 3G system with their launch of CDMA2000 in October 2000.

  • Service Innovation: Sprint PCS
    This award is given to the operator(s) that have leveraged the capabilities of 3G CDMA to introduce innovative and industry leading services to the market.

    Sprint PCS, for their innovative push towards enhanced services with their Wireless Web offerings.

  • Subscriber Technology Innovation: Kyocera Wireless Corp.
    This award is given to the company(ies) that demonstrate forward thinking in terms of services supported and terminal design. Resulting products take advantage of the inherent benefits and latest technological developments of CDMA, offering consumers state of the art terminals in terms of both features and packaging.

    Kyocera Wireless Corp., for the design and functionality of the Kyocera Smartphone QCP 6035.

  • Infrastructure Technology Innovation: Lucent Technologies
    This award is given to the company(ies) that have introduced network capabilities that allow 3G operators flexible and cost-effective solutions for implementing advanced features and an easy evolution path to future enhancements.

    Lucent Technologies, for their portfolio of global network solutions for the mobile Internet and their support of 1xEV-DO.

  • Innovative Solutions: QUALCOMM
    This award is given to the company(ies) that have brought new ideas and different approaches to product deployment in their respective disciplines. Resulting solutions provide value-added, cost-effective implementations for operators supporting the advancement of 3G CDMA into the market.

    QUALCOMM, for BREW, which opens up CDMA networks to more applications, a development that will promote consumer demand and increased differentiation between network providers.