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Global Roaming Taken to Higher Level with CDMA

BEIJING, Oct. 16, 2000 - During a joint press conference in Beijing today with China Unicom, CDMA Development Group (CDG), Zhongxing Telecom Equipment Co. (ZTE) and Gemplus, the world's first-ever CDMA-GSM interoperable Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card and compatible handsets were introduced to the global wireless community. CDG's Terry Yen, Asia Pacific director, communicated that, "CDMA technology is fueling the growth of wireless communications worldwide. Today's announcement demonstrates yet another milestone for CDMA manufacturers, operators and consumers -- it is a major step towards expanding CDMA roaming coverage globally. "

Zhang Fan, general manager mobile communications department and deputy chief engineer for China Unicom added, "We are dedicated to offering our wireless subscribers with the most advanced services available. Our decision to deploy CDMA technology enables us to provide mobility according to the true definition of the word - - ability to move freely without boundaries."

"We are breaking the barriers with CDMA technology," stated Perry LaForge, executive director of the CDG. "The CDG is particularly excited to lead the global wireless community with this innovative interoperability solution. It is important that global wireless industry players continue to work together in order to facilitate global wireless communications."

Participants in the press conference includes CDG and China Unicom, Gemplus, a leading developer of smart cards, and ZTE, one of the largest telecommunications equipment manufacturers in China, and ZTE FutureTel in Korea, developer of the world's first CDMA SIM compatible handset. During the conference, the participants placed a phone call from the press conference in Beijing to leading CDMA expert Dr. Irwin Jacobs, CEO and chairman of QUALCOMM, using a CDMA and GSM handset equipped with the new GemXplore World, a SIM card designed for use in CDMA and GSM networks. CDMA operators will now be able to reap the benefits associated with international roaming including an increase in revenue and the ability to provide subscribers with true mobility.

With CDMA2000 serving as the backbone technology for 3G, global CDMA operators and manufacturers are the first to market with advanced 3G services -- years before so called ``wider bandwidth'' systems. CDMA2000 operators have lead-time advantages as well as economies of scale in the highly competitive 3G marketplace. Currently, several global operators have committed to conducting CDMA2000 trials or commercially deploying CDMA2000 including Bell Mobility, Clearnet, LG Telecom, Sprint PCS, Telstra, Telus and Verizon Wireless. In addition, Ericsson, Intel, Lucent Technologies, Motorola, Nokia, Nortel Networks, QUALCOMM and Samsung have also announced support for CDMA2000.