CDMA Technology
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HONG KONG, March 27, 2000 -- Noting recent reports that CDMA progress in China has been halted, the CDMA Development Group (CDG) today announced that CDMA technology remains on the fast track for deployment in China with expectations of reaching 10 million wireless subscribers this year. On March 15, 2000, Zhu Rongji, Premier of the State Council said, "the hearsay that 'the Chinese has stopped introducing CDMA technology in the region,' is not correct." In fact, Zhu said that the Chinese government decided to deploy a CDMA system and appointed China Unicom to introduce the technology (Xinhua Agency).

"While the propaganda and misinformation surrounding the deployment of CDMA technology in China was distributed, the CDG and its member companies remained focused on the real issues and have achieved significant inroads in the region," said Perry LaForge, executive director of the CDG. "We applaud Premier Zhu Rongji's public statements to set the record straight, and look forward to continuing to work with the Chinese government and telecommunications companies to ensure the rapid deployment of CDMA systems and services." In addition, the CDG called attention to the government of Guangdong Province's approval of Qiao Xing Universal Telephone Inc.'s manufacturing of CDMA handsets.

With wireless Internet and information services available today, CDMA is the backbone technology of choice for third-generation systems. CDMA has made significant global inroads with the technology's presence increasing at more than 118 percent in the last year. CDMA provides mobile operators and manufacturers the ability to offer a variety of value-added services today, such as wireless Internet and information services. In addition, CDMA technology benefits for wireless consumers include industry-leading in-building penetration, longer battery talk and standby time, increased privacy and better security.