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HONG KONG, June 21, 2000 -- The CDMA Development Group (CDG) and its member companies revealed the Group's third generation (3G) evolution strategy for CDMA during the Fifth Annual CDMA World Congress held last week in Hong Kong. The CDG also set the record straight regarding the technology's deployment in China as CDG's Executive Director Perry LaForge stated that, "The confusion surrounding the impact that CDMA will have on the Chinese telecommunications market stems from a misunderstanding of the technology's evolution path. It is logical for China, and all other countries for that matter, to invest in the most current, advanced wireless systems available (CDMA2000), - and that is what is happening in China."

The CDMA World Congress keynote address was delivered by internationally known publisher and global entrepreneur, Steve Forbes, CEO of Forbes, Inc. Forbes' opening speech will be available this week on the CDG's Web site located at .

Featuring the world's leading wireless and business authorities, the event concluded with more than 1,500 in attendance. Among the participants were Steve Forbes, CEO of Forbes Inc.; Dr. Irwin Jacobs, CEO of QUALCOMM; Dr. Won-Pyo Hong, executive vice president of KT Freetel; Dr. Se-hyun Oh, vice president for SK Telecom; Craig Farrill, CTO of Vodafone AirTouch; and Brian O'Shaughnessy, vice president of technology development for Bell Mobility.

"This year's World Congress was filled with industry news, key executive participation and non-stop activity," said LaForge. "Particularly noteworthy was the CDG's formal unveiling of 1xEV detailing the evolution requirements for the CDMA2000 standard, which offers operators a simple extended solution for the rapid delivery of very high speed data services with ever-increasing voice capacity."

Among the operators conducting 1X trials or preparing to deploy 1X are:

  • Bell Mobility
  • Clearnet
  • Telus Mobility
  • KT Freetel
  • Sprint PCS
  • Verizon Wireless
  • LG
  • DDI
  • IDO
  • SK Telecom
  • Telecom New Zealand
  • Telstra

Marking yet another milestone in the history of wireless communications, the world's first-ever 1X wireless data and voice call on a live 800MHz CDMA network took place in Australia with Nortel Networks and Telstra. SK Telecom also announced that it is maintaining an aggressive rollout schedule and in October 2000, will be the world's first operator to commercially offer 3G services.

"CDMA is clearly the enabling technology for 3G with CDMA operators and manufacturers leading the trend in delivering high-speed data and multimedia services. And with the growing number of global operators supporting 1xEV, we will be able to maintain a rapid time schedule for standardization and implementation," said LaForge. "The most valuable reality associated with CDMA2000 for operators is the fact that all 3G functions can be done in the 1.25 MHz channel, allowing for CDMA operators to take advantage of time to market while enjoying economies of scale."

Additional CDMA World Congress highlights included:

  • Steve Forbes Keynote: On Tuesday, June 13, 2000, Steve Forbes formally addressed the CDMA World Congress attendees by discussing the critical role that wireless communications plays in the global high-tech market. Forbes also commented on the significant revenue potential for all involved in the industry, as well as the overall impact that wireless has on the new digital economy.
  • CDMA2000 Evolution Strategy: The CDG formally announced an expanded effort to support the evolution of the CDMA2000 1X (IMT-2000 MC 1X) standard to meet the rapidly developing needs associated with wireless data. Referred to as 1xEV (1X evolution), the air interface standard serves as an extension of the existing CDMA2000 1X, enabling high speed data capabilities of at least 2 Mbps and even greater voice capacity in a 1.25 MHz channel. (The standards requirement document can be obtained by contacting the CDG News Bureau at + 1-714-540-1030)
  • CDMA in China: During the CDMA World Congress, the CDG commented on the progress of CDMA technology deployment in China stating that, "Contrary to current media reports, CDMA remains the technology of choice for third generation services (3G) in China as it's the technology backbone for all 3G systems. In fact, CDMA is the only wireless air interface that is capable of enabling 3G services as we speak, with SK Telecom expected to offer the world's first 3G commercial service this year."
  • Industry Achievement Awards: The CDG recognized outstanding achievements accomplished by several manufacturers and operators during a formal Awards Ceremony in Hong Kong. The ceremony was co-hosted by Perry LaForge, executive director of the CDG and Craig Farrill, past president of the CDG and CTO of Vodafone AirTouch. (A complete listing of the winners can be obtained on the CDG Web site located at