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Competition Essential for the Latin American Wireless Market

Allocation of 1900MHZ PCS Spectrum in Brazil Provides the Opportunity to Enhance Competition

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Sao Paulo, Brazil, Jan. 3, 2000 -- Following the recent ANATEL public consultation meetings regarding PCS spectrum allocation in Brazil, the CDMA Development Group (CDG) today commented on the importance of auctioning spectrum that supports increased competition within the Brazilian wireless industry. In particular, the CDG is calling attention to the carrier and consumer benefits associated with 1900MHZ spectrum allocation, including the potential for rapid deployment of innovative and competitive services such as high-speed data, telematics and global positioning.

"The CDG recognizes Brazil's history of taking a leadership role in determining the allocation of spectrum within the Americas, as well as the country's active involvement in the IMT-2000 standardization process," said Perry LaForge, executive director of the CDG. "The auctioning of 1900MHZ spectrum in Brazil provides the opportunity to expand existing wireless services, introduce new services and foster competition that will lower the cost of these offerings. We look forward to continuing to work with ANATEL and the Brazilian telecom industry to ensure that all factors affecting and resulting from the allocation of spectrum are considered."

LaForge continued, "Brazilian operators have readily available, competitively priced, commercially proven wireless infrastructure systems and handsets for immediate deployment in their country. Allocation of the 1900MHZ PCS band ensures this by opening the market for all three of the major air interfaces giving operators the widest range of technologies, more options and greater flexibility."

"Another factor to consider is global roaming, which is an advantage that comes with allocation of 1900MHZ spectrum in Brazil, as it ensures compatibility with today's worldwide 2G digital technologies," said LaForge. Currently, 24 operators within the America's have deployed PCS services in 1900 MHz band. Widespread use of PCS and cellular spectrum provides benefits to the industry including:

  • Greater economies of scale by taking advantage of a broader supply base
  • Reduced complexity by reducing the number of bands required
  • Reduced time-to-deployment by taking advantage of existing capability
  • Greater simplified roaming resulting from band consistency