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Global Operators Tout CDMA's Ability to Deliver Advanced Wireless Information Services Today

cdmaOne™ Operators Discuss Their Wireless Internet and Information Service Offerings

New Orleans, LA, September 22, 1999 -- Executives from Bell Mobility, IDO, Telstra, Bell Atlantic Mobile, SK Telecom, Vodafone AirTouch and the CDMA Development Group (CDG) convened at a press conference during the Personal Communications Industry Association's (PCIA) PCS '99 trade show to highlight the fact that cdmaOne is delivering the most advanced wireless services available in the industry. cdmaOne provides high-speed Internet access, electronic commerce, fax and e-mail capabilities on today's wireless networks.

"At our press conference today, wireless operators from Japan, Canada, Australia, Korea and the United States explained how they are taking advantage of the inherent data capabilities of cdmaOne to offer Internet access, enhanced messaging and a variety of news and information services to millions of wireless consumers," said Perry LaForge, executive director of the CDG. "The CDG's development efforts ensure that cdmaOne networks support advanced data capabilities in a standard approach, compatible with Internet Protocol (IP), and at data rates comparable to the land-line connections many consumers experience from their homes and offices. cdmaOne operators are bringing a new level of service to their customers by introducing these cutting edge services."

Global operators, including IDO and DDI in Japan; Sprint PCS, GTE Wireless and Vodafone AirTouch in the United States; Bell Mobility in Canada; and KT Freetel, LG Telecom and SK Telecom in Korea, are all offering wireless Internet and other information services over their existing cdmaOne networks. Other operators have announced their plans to introduce wireless data services, including Telstra of Australia who recently commenced commercial service on its cdmaOne network. "cdmaOne delivers the value-added wireless Internet and information services that consumers want, while ensuring seamless evolution to 3G, and enhancing system capacity and data speeds as demand grows. The services that are entering the market now are a 3G preview. As the network continues to evolve, the service portfolio will grow with it," said LaForge. "Next year when phase one 3G services are available on cdmaOne networks, they will be an extension of the services operators are currently offering, able to coexist on the network. This graceful and flexible migration is one of the many ways cdmaOne is differentiated from other digital wireless technologies."