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cdmaOne Global Subscriber Growth Increases 171 Percent in One Year; cdmaOne Now Reaches Nearly 35 Million

cdmaOne Remains the Fastest Growing Wireless Standard in History

Costa Mesa, CA, Sept. 1, 1999 -- The CDMA Development Group (CDG) today announced that cdmaOne subscriber growth increased 171 percent from June 1998 to June 1999, reaching nearly 35 million global subscribers. Asia and North America more than doubled in subscriber growth, while cdmaOne penetration in Europe, the Middle East and Latin America also continued to escalate, totaling more than two million subscribers.

cdmaOne offers distinct advantages over other digital technologies including the ability to provide Internet and information services on 2G networks, a seamless evolution path to 3G, as well as the accommodation of subscriber growth without incremental infrastructure investment by operators.

"cdmaOne experienced significant worldwide growth during the first six months of 1999, giving cdmaOne presence on virtually every continent. For the rest of this year, cdmaOne deployment and growth rate will continue not only in Asia and North America, but in emerging markets such as India, Latin America and the Middle East," said Perry LaForge, executive director of the CDG. "cdmaOne is clearly a natural fit for global operators migrating to 3G because the technology offers data access and other 3G-like services today."

Asia continues to drive cdmaOne subscriber growth with a 138 percent increase, bringing the regionís total to more than 20 million users. North America, consisting of the United States and Canada, increased 205 percent by adding seven million subscribers this year. With almost two million subscribers, the Caribbean and Latin American regions experienced a 1167 percent increase. cdmaOne subscriber growth also skyrocketed in Europe, the Middle East and Africa with a 4685 percent increase.

"Countries that have recently embraced cdmaOne, including Australia, New Zealand, India, Russia and China, present significant market growth opportunities for cdmaOne in the near future. Additionally, with cdmaOne coverage to expand in Chile, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore, Chile and the Philippines, we expect to reach our goal of 50 million subscribers by the yearís end," said LaForge.