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CDMA Development Group Applauds Japan's Recommendation for 3G Wireless Standards

CDG Looks to Other Governments to Endorse All Elements of G3G CDMA

Hong Kong, October 11, 1999- - The CDMA Development Group (CDG) today released a statement applauding Japan's Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications' (MPT) recommendation to adopt all modes of the global third generation (G3G) CDMA standard for IMT-2000 systems. The recommendation gives operators the flexibility to deploy 3G systems using either the multi-carrier mode or direct-spread mode of the global 3G CDMA standard being finalized in the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). Although TDMA was an option, the MPT did not include the standard in its recommendation.

"We are extremely pleased with the MPT's recommendation to support the multi-carrier mode. Whereas it appears Europe has locked-down on the direct spread mode and will mandate that solution for 3G, Japan recognizes the benefits of flexibility in deployment and the value of multi-carrier. Japan continues to take a leadership position in the global efforts to develop 3G standards, and the CDG encourages governments and ministries worldwide to adopt a similar policy," said Perry LaForge, executive director of the CDG. "This decision will allow operators flexibility in deploying 3G and indicates the global interest in G3G MC. Operators will be able to reap the benefits of cdmaOne while protecting their investments."

"The cdmaOne standard was created with the future in mind, and cdmaOne operators, such as DDI and IDO, are well positioned to be the first companies in Japan to offer 3G service," said LaForge. "With phase one of CDMA2000 now standardized, cdmaOne operators will be able to cost-effectively upgrade their wireless data and voice services to keep pace with Japan's rapidly growing appetite for advanced wireless services." This demand is reflected in the country's impressive cdmaOne subscriber figures. Within just five months of the country's nationwide commercial cdmaOne launch, DDI and IDO Corporations are already serving more than 2.2 million subscribers.

Using cdmaOne today, DDI Corporation and IDO Corporation have introduced Web browsing services that enable subscribers to access e-mail and more than 100 Web sites directly from a mobile handset equipped with a microbrowser. To date, 200,000 subscribers are enjoying these wireless data services as well as two-way short messaging and laptop connectivity. To augment the high-speed data available today at 14.4 kbps, DDI and IDO have announced plans to upgrade to IS-95B by year's end, allowing for 64 kbps data rates.