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cdmaOne Gains Momentum in Japan as DDI and IDO Provide Nationwide Service

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HONG KONG, June 1, 1999 -- The CDMA Development Group (CDG) today announced that cdmaOneTM technology has gained significant momentum in Japan as a result of the recent cdmaOne nationwide service launch by DDI and IDO. To complement the service expansion, six new top-of-the-line feature-rich cdmaOne handsets were recently launched to offer the Japanese consumers a wide range of choices. Additionally, the entire region will benefit from the recent 3G harmonization efforts as cdmaOne is the only technology offering a seamless evolution path with the ability to deploy 3G services in existing spectrum bands.

"The CDG believes that DDI’s and IDO’s cdmaOne service offerings give both companies a competitive advantage, especially as the technically savvy Asia Pacific region prepares to offer 3G services, such as high speed data capabilities and Internet access," said Perry LaForge, executive director of the CDG. "DDI and IDO have demonstrated a strong continued commitment to cdmaOne and we look forward to Japan’s facilitation of cdmaOne international roaming services throughout Asia and the rest of the world."

"We attribute our rapidly growing subscriber base to the ability of cdmaOne to deliver the most advanced services such as short messaging services, Internet access and high speed data transmission," said Kiyoshi Sato, director and general manager, Planning Department, Mobile Communications Group, DDI Corporation. "DDI has chosen cdmaOne for its current service to provide our subscribers with the technology’s enhanced features and superior voice clarity, while also providing the company with a seamless migration path to 3G."

"IDO is dedicated to providing its subscribers with state-of-the-art services, and cdmaOne is our choice to do that" said Eiichi Matsumoto, managing director for IDO. "IDO is pleased that the nationwide network will increase the total population coverage to 95 percent of Japan. We are excited about moving Japan forward in what we believe is the world’s most competitive wireless marketplace."

All of Japan can now look forward to experiencing the advanced data services of cdmaOne. The operators have already implemented 14.4 kbps data and will introduce 64 kbps packet data by the end of 1999. An Internet Access Service will allow CDMA packet data users to access the Internet via the user’s home Internet Service Provider (ISP) and an Intranet service will allow access to private networks. Both services will use the browser services marketed as EZweb by DDI-Cellular Group and EZaccess by IDO Corporation.

LaForge added, "As the industry continuously expands the potential of wireless communications, cdmaOne has definitely set the foundation for a new era in telecommunications. Operators that have adopted cdmaOne, like DDI and IDO, are at the forefront in providing next generation services."

DDI Corporation launched commercial cdmaOne service in Japan in July 1998. On April 14, 1999, IDO Corporation and remaining two companies of DDI's eight cellular telephone companies started the service. This marked the nation wide coverage of cdmaOne service in Japan. cdmaOne subscribers reached 814,200 at the end of April, 714,200 of DDI and 100,000 of IDO. IDO plans to offer international roaming capabilities with Korea, Hong Kong later this year and plans to also pursue the United States, Canada and Australia. Using infrastructure provided by Motorola, the two operators are providing a seamless service offering with the same service options, charge plans and after sales service throughout Japan.

Late last year, the CDG recognized DDI and IDO Corporations for excellence in marketing with an Industry Achievement Award for their dynamic marketing campaign leveraging the cdmaOne brand name. Both companies have implemented a number of promotional campaigns to build brand name awareness including DDI’s use of feature film star Leanardo Di Caprio and IDO’s sponsorship of a Toyota Supra cdmaOne Race Team.