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Global Industry Leaders Address Future of Wireless at Fourth Annual CDMA World Congress

Hong Kong, June 15, 1999 -- At the Fourth Annual CDMA World Congress in Hong Kong, the CDMA Development Group (CDG) today addressed the future of wireless with leading industry leaders stating that cdmaOneTM is the technology of choice for the new millennium. The ability to cost-effectively introduce advanced information services is assured for cdmaOne operators and manufacturers, as cdmaOne is the only technology with a seamless evolution path.

"cdmaOne does not require costly upgrades for third generation services. In fact, here in Asia, where cdmaOne is widely deployed, operators have a significant advantage as the technology supports third generation (3G) services and increased capacity in existing spectrum bands," said Perry LaForge, executive director for the CDG. "cdmaOne is the future of wireless, making 3G a reality today."

The CDG has been aggressively working to evolve cdmaOne in order to bring the capabilities defined for IMT-2000 to market ahead of the 3G timetable. Operators can provide 3G-like services on existing cdmaOne networks and reap the benefits of today’s advanced digital technology while being assured that their investments are protected. Evolution from other technologies will require significant change of equipment and costly upgrades.

"The explosive growth of the Internet and the migration to third generation technology make the future of wireless a very exciting prospect for the cdmaOne community," said Perry LaForge, executive director of the CDG. "The CDG has worked diligently over the past year and effectively surpassed our own goal of securing the future of wireless globally with a 3G strategy that will enable the growth of new information services, such as the mobile web."

LaForge continued, "High speed wireless Internet and two-way information services from a mobile phone are only a few of the exciting services that will be offered in the new millennium. Multimedia content is soon to follow. Today’s enhanced mobile services and products, plus the trend toward competitive pricing plans, are clear indications that wireless can replace wireline in the new century."

"The wireless Internet and information services era is here and the CDG looks forward to further shaping the future of wireless by continuing to evolve cdmaOne technology," concluded LaForge.