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Japan cdmaOne™ Subscriber Numbers Booming; Exceed 400,000 Customers in Six Months


NEW ORLEANS, LA, Feb. 8, 1999 -- The CDMA Development Group (CDG) today announced that cdmaOne now serves over 400,000 subscribers in Japan with approximately 140,000 subscribers added in December 1998 alone. With this growth, Japan is now playing a significant part in the acceptance of cdmaOne around the world.

DDI Corporation launched commercial cdmaOne service in Japan in July 1998. According to DDI, three of its companies, Kansai Cellular Telephone Company, Kyushu Cellular Telephone Company and Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company reach more than 400,000 cdmaOne service subscribers. In addition, DDI recently stated that, in cooperation with IDO Corporation, they will expand their cdmaOne service, providing nationwide coverage in April, 1999. DDI's and IDO's cdmaOne infrastructure equipment is provided by Motorola Cellular Infrastructure Group.

"We applaud Japan's continued commitment to cdmaOne and expect even more consumers in this region to choose cdmaOne with the advent of nationwide coverage in April," said Perry LaForge, executive director of the CDG. "With recent cdmaOne wins in the Asia-Pacific and Australian regions, Japan's deployment of cdmaOne will facilitate roaming throughout the area."

"We are excited to see that our cdmaOne service has gained significant popularity throughout Japan in a short time period," said Kiyoshi Sato, director and general manager, Planning Department, Mobile Communications Group, DDI Corporation. "DDI has chosen cdmaOne as its technology of choice because it enables us to provide our subscribers with the services they demand, especially enhanced features such as short messaging services, superior voice quality and high speed data transmission."

Late last year, the CDG recognized DDI and IDO Corporations for excellence in marketing with an Industry Achievement Award for their successful marketing campaign leveraging the cdmaOne brand name. DDI is using the cdmaOne brand name extensively in their promotional materials, featuring film star Leonardo Di Caprio to gain instant brand recognition.

LaForge concluded, "I cannot over-emphasize how significant the growth of cdmaOne is in Japan. Last year, some naysayers were predicting the economic crisis in Japan would stall cdmaOne subscriber growth. Clearly they were wrong. They have built strong brand awareness through the use of the cdmaOne name and rapidly increased their subscriber base. They are now in a position to leverage the advantages that cdmaOne provides in order to gain additional share of the growing Japanese market."