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1999 CDMA Americas Congress Concludes

Conference Sets Stage For Wireless Internet in the New Millennium

Final Wireless Event of the Century Succeeds in Highlighting CDMA Benefits as Data Platform

Costa Mesa, CA, December 8, 1999 -- Within just weeks of the turn of the century, leading wireless and Internet companies congregated at the 1999 CDMA Americas Congress in San Francisco last week and discussed the convergence of the two industries. Attracting more than 700 attendees, the annual Congress, hosted by the CDMA Development Group (CDG), featured keynote presentations from Microsoft, Yahoo! Everywhere, Sun Microsystems, Cisco Systems and Wireless Knowledge, as well as discussions about CDMA technology's leadership role in the proliferation of wireless Internet and information services in the new millennium.

"The CDMA Americas Congress provided an open forum to discuss next generation services and devices," said Perry LaForge, executive director of the CDG.

"CDMA is clearly fostering convergence by making wireless Internet and information services a reality today. The CDG and its member companies look forward to the opportunities that CDMA will provide in the upcoming year and are dedicated to continuing CDG's global efforts to bring 3G services to market."

The 1999 CDMA Americas Congress was held Nov. 30 - Dec. 2, 1999 at the San Francisco Marriott Hotel. The conference sessions focused on cutting-edge services and devices and their benefits for consumers. Additional topics addressed were the financial and technical requirements for establishing next generation networks and services, as well as the evolution to a mobile environment. Participants included leading analysts, solutions providers, application developers, operators and manufacturers. At the conference, Motorola demonstrated an end-to-end solution for CDMA high-speed packet data rates up to 64Kbps, while Lucent Technologies and Sun Microsystems announced the development of the infrastructure needed to support next-generation Internet business applications.

In conjunction with the conference, Nortel Networks announced its plans for a next generation wireless technology trial with Bell Mobility stating that "CDMA2000 is expected to deliver fast, reliable, profitable wireless Internet services." Also unveiling its 3G plans, Repeater Technologies formally introduced RepeaterCellTM, a high-powered repeater with diversity that is compatible with multicarrier cdmaOne and CDMA2000. Additional announcements made at the Congress included Ericsson's delivery of the first commercial interoperability specification (IOS) cdmaOne network to US West, as well as the company's purchase agreement with Sprint PCS for CDMA open architecture network equipment. Metawave announced enhancements to its SpotLight 2000 smart antenna system, which provides greater CDMA network capacity gains. QUALCOMM, DSPC and Intel announced that the companies entered into an agreement for the continuation of a CDMA ASIC patent license signed by QUALCOMM and DSPC in 1995. DDI and IDO announced their three millionth customer within just nine months of the companies' commercial cdmaOne service launch, as well as the arrival of 64Kbps packet data transmission scheduled to launch January 7, 2000.

"CDMA has set the foundation for wireless data services and will be the enabler of advanced multi-media applications including full-motion video in the near future," concluded LaForge.