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cdmaOne Roaming Services Expand in Asia

cdmaOne Subscribers will have Automatic Roaming in Japan, Korea and Hong Kong

Hong Kong, Aug. 23, 1999 -- The CDMA Development Group (CDG) today announced that cdmaOne* automatic roaming services are expanding throughout Asia. Leading cdmaOne operators Hutchison Telecom, DDI, IDO and Shinsegi Telecom recently signed agreements to provide comprehensive automatic roaming service for subscribers in Hong Kong, Japan and Korea. GTE Telecommunications Services Incorporated also worked with the four operators to facilitate the agreements.

"As coverage of the technology continues to rapidly expand around the world, global cdmaOne operators can truly offer their subscribers comprehensive international automatic roaming services. cdmaOne operators can increase revenue and become more competitive in the global marketplace by offering subscribers simplified roaming access," said Perry LaForge, executive director of the CDG. "We expect even more international roaming agreements to be announced this year in the United States, Australia, the Philippines, and Thailand."

The CDG has played an essential role with its member operators in facilitating roaming agreements in Asia, both within the region and with North American cdmaOne operators. cdmaOne is now commercially available from 72 global wireless operators in 29 countries, with service expected in more than 35 countries by the end of 2000. The CDG actively works with roaming infrastructure providers and network operators to establish end-to-end IS-41 roaming by identifying solutions for the business, networking and back-office requirements of international roaming agreements.