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CDMA Development Group Hosts Executive Forum in Buenos Aires

cdmaOne Expansion in Latin America Continues Its Rapid Pace

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Buenos Aires, Argentina, April 29, 1999 -- The CDMA Development Group (CDG) today announced that it hosted an executive forum in Buenos Aires, Argentina on Wednesday April 28, 1999 as part of the Groupís ongoing activities to support the operators who are deploying cdmaOne technology throughout the Latin America region. The forum, attended by the major wireless and wireline operators in Argentina and surrounding countries, is one example of the Groupís initiative to share the expertise and deployment experiences of commercial operators and vendors with Latin Americaís fast growing wireless market.

"Last August we formed an interest group to focus resources on Latin America because we recognized that the region was poised for tremendous growth for cdmaOne. With CDMA contracts valued at close to $800 million announced in the last 6 months and subscriber growth of over 400% for CDMA in Latin America, our instincts about the region were right. This executive forum in Buenos Aires is part of our efforts to participate hands-on in the region with the operators and investors who have either chosen or are evaluating cdmaOne technology", said Perry LaForge, executive director of the CDG. "Currently 26 operators in 10 countries have selected cdmaOne in Latin America for cellular, PCS and wireless local loop, with Brazil, Chile, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico and Venezuela in commercial operations."

One of the most recently awarded contracts for CDMA was in Argentina where CTI Movil announced on April 6, 1999 their plans to implement CDMA for the digitalization of their network in the cities of Cordoba, Rosario, Mendoza, Mar del Plata, Tucuman, Parana and Santa Fe. Commenting on the selection of cdmaOne, Eduardo Menasce, president of CTI Movil said, "the introduction of this new cutting-edge technology, available for the first time in this country, confirms our commitment to bring quality service to our customers. This technology also allows us to add numerous new services in our mobile telephony network."

With cdmaOne technology operators in Latin America can offer consumers the most advanced services available on a second generation digital wireless platform including near landline voice quality, 14.4 kbps data capability and enhanced privacy and fraud protection, while reaping the economic benefits of greater capacity and more efficient coverage from each CDMA base station. The benefits over other technical solutions will continue with third generation systems, with cdmaOne evolution already defined in a cost effective, flexible manner. Next year 3G services will be available in existing cellular and PCS spectrum bands for cdmaOne operators including 144 kbps mobile data rates, two-fold capacity and stand-by time increases and enhanced sleep-mode technology.

"The flexibility to upgrade to 3G as the market demands with minimal impact on consumers is one of the many advantages of cdmaOne. The CDG has worked with its operator and manufacturer members to ensure that technology enhancements are made in a way that preserves the investment in existing equipment and spectrum and allows the 2G system to co-exist with the 3G solution so that all consumer needs are met," said LaForge. "We have been extremely happy with cdmaOne progress in Latin America and around the world and believe that the future is even more promising as 3G services enter the market next year on cdmaOne networks."