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CDG Press Releases Archive 1999

December 8, 1999
1999 CDMA Americas Congress Concludes; Conference Sets Stage For Wireless Internet in the New Millennium; Final Wireless Event of the Century Succeeds in Highlighting CDMA Benefits as Data Platform

November 30, 1999
CDMA Moves Into The New Millennium; Leading Wireless Companies Highlight CDMA Milestones and Future at the CDMA Americas Congress; Wireless and Internet Industries Merge at the CDMA Americas Congress

November 16, 1999
CDMA Development Group Lauds Landmark China-United States Agreement; CDMA Seen As Enabler Of Improved Communication In World's Largest Wireless Market

November 15, 1999
cdmaOne™ North America Subscriber Growth Increases 187 Percent In One Year; Global Reach Nearing 42 Million; World's Fastest Growing Wireless Standard Continues Momentum

November 9, 1999
CDMA Development Group Embraces Outcome of ITU; IMT-2000 Meeting in Helsinki; CDMA Standard Completes Major Milestone in ITU process

November 2, 1999
Wireless Subscribers Experience Mobile Services Using cdmaOne Technology in India; Government's Technology-neutral Policy Allows MTNL to Offer State-of-the-art Wireless Services

October 11, 1999
CDMA Development Group Applauds Japan's Recommendation for 3G Wireless Standards; CDG Looks to Other Governments to Endorse All Elements of G3G CDMA

September 22, 1999
cdmaOne Handset Certification Program Receives Donation of HP Test Equipment; Quality Testing Equipment from HP Ensures State-of-the-Art cdmaOne Handsets

September 22, 1999
Global Operators Tout CDMA's Ability to Deliver Advanced Wireless Information Services Toda; cdmaOne Operators Discuss Their Wireless Internet and Information Service Offerings

September 18, 1999
CDMA Development Group Commends India's Telecommunications Commission's Open Mobile Standards Policy; Recent Conference in New Delhi Demonstrates that cdmaOne is an Excellent Solution for the Development of the Country's Telecommunications Services

September 13, 1999
Melissa May Joins CDMA Development Group as Director of Marketing Relations; Strategic Hire to Facilitate CDG's Global Marketing Efforts

September 2, 1999
CDMA Development Group Supports NMT Operators' Transition to Digital Technology

September 1, 1999
cdmaOne Latin American Subscriber Growth Increases Nearly 1200 Percent in One Year cdmaOne TM Remains the Fastest Growing Wireless Standard in History (also in Español, Portugues)

September 1, 1999
cdmaOne Global Subscriber Growth Increases 171 Percent in One Year; cdmaOne Now Reaches Nearly 35 Million

August 31, 1999
cdmaOne Service Goes Live in Australia in Just Ten Short Months

August 23, 1999
cdmaOne Roaming Services Expand in Asia; cdmaOne Subscribers will have Automatic Roaming in Japan, Korea and Hong Kong

August 5, 1999
cdmaOne Expands into New Zealand; Telecom New Zealand Becomes 13th Country to Select cdmaOne in Asia Pacific Region (also in Español, Portugues)

July 19, 1999
CDG Successfully Delivers Interactive Internet Broadcast Session with Industry Leaders on Hot 3G Topics via (also in Español)

July 15, 1999
cdmaOne Third Generation (3G) Capabilities Near Market Readiness

June 29, 1999
CDMA Development Group Welcomes China UNICOM to the Organization

June 28, 1999
Fourth Annual CDMA World Congress Successfully Concludes; CDMA Poised To Be The Future Of Wireless

June 15, 1999
The CDMA Development Group Welcomes Ericsson as a New Member at the Fourth Annual CDMA World Congress in Hong Kong

June 15, 1999
Global Industry Leaders Address Future of Wireless at Fourth Annual CDMA World Congress (also in Español)

June 7, 1999
CDMA Development Group Comments On Outcome Of Harmonization Discussions (also in Español)

June 7, 1999
CDMA Development Group Announces Americas Congress in San Francisco, November 1999; The Integration of Voice and Information Services to be Discussed During Comprehensive Forum

June 1, 1999
cdmaOne Gains Momentum in Japan as DDI and IDO Provide Nationwide Service (also in Español)

May 24, 1999
CDMA Development Group Reports Successful Outcome of Recent Location Technology Forum (also in Español)

May 12, 1999
Future of Wireless on Fast Track as cdmaOne Subscribers near 30 Million Worldwide (also in Español)

April 29, 1999
CDMA Development Group Hosts Executive Forum in Buenos Aires

April 6, 1999
One-of-a-Kind CDMA Site Introduces New Look and Enhanced Content

March 25, 1999
Landmark Week in Australia for cdmaOne™ First International Congress Followed by First Official CDMA Call. (also in Español)

Mar. 25, 1999
CDG Provides Comments on Ericsson's and Qualcomm's Global CDMA Resolution (also in Español)

March 15, 1999
Australia Embraces cdmaOne; Progress Continues Throughout Australia/New Zealand Region First Australian CDMA International Congress Convenes In Sydney

March 3, 1999
cdmaOne Roaming Service Expands; US And Mexico Subscribers To Experience Seamless Wireless Communications

February 22, 1999
The CDMA Development Group Comments On Recent Transatlantic Business Dialogue's (TABD) Trade Meeting, Universal Support For convergence Could Lead To Common Worldwide 3G CDMA

February 8, 1999
cdmaOne Subscribers Reach Almost 23 Million Globally; All Regions Showing Substantial Growth (also in Español)

February 8, 1999
First Time in Hong Kong; Fourth Annual CDMA World Congress Just Four Short Months Away (also in Español)

February 8, 1999
Japan cdmaOne™ Subscriber Numbers Booming; Exceed 400,000 Customers in Six Months (also in Español)

January 20, 1999
First Australian CDMA International Congress to Convene in Sydney, March 1999 (also in Español)

January 14, 1999
Global CDMA Operators Offer Comprehensive Proposal to Harmonize Third Generation Wireless Standards (also in Español)