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FCC Chairman Reed Hundt Delivered Poignant Comments To Support Global Harmonization on Third Generation Wireless Standard At Third Annual cdma World Congress In Singapore

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SINGAPORE, June 24, 1998-- Reed Hundt, former Federal Communications Commission (FCC) chairman, delivered the keynote address at the Third Annual CDMA World Congress yesterday in Singapore hosted by the CDMA Development Group (CDG). Mr. Hundt also participated in a press conference with Perry LaForge, executive director of the CDG and former Senator Larry Pressler, delivering comments supporting global harmonization on third generation wireless standards issues.

The following are key points from Hundt’s address:

On Wednesday, June 24, 1998, The Straits Times reported the following: "In a passionate address to delegates on the first day of the Third CDMA World Congress here yesterday, he (Hundt) said there was ‘no compelling need for governments in any country to micro-manage a transition to a third generation.’"

The Singapore-based daily newspaper also reported, "Mr. Hundt, a clear proponent of U.S.-developed CDMA technology, said: ‘The European direction is to have governments control technological change, to limit competition in the market, and to focus not on consumers or cost efficiencies, but instead on short-term business advantage. This isn't consistent with the spirit of the World Trade Organization telecom agreements; it is not fair and it will not in the long run benefit the businesses of Europe.’"

Excerpts from Mr. Hundt's speech included the following: "One of the predictable byproducts of Europe's GSM standardization was all that Europe found itself behind the curve of technology as CDMA was perfected. It is now crystal clear that CDMA is the preferable path to the wireless world."

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