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CDMA Development Group Announces Location Technology Trials

Different Technology Approaches To Be Compared

COSTA MESA, Calif., July 13, 1998 - The CDMA Development Group (CDG) today announced that it will conduct trials of location technologies as part of the Group's initiative to meet the Federal Communication Commission's (FCC) E911 requirements. In addition, these trials will provide information that can be used to identify technologies best suited for developing location-based services. The trials are being conducted based on outcomes of the March CDG Location Technology Forum.

"From the direction set at the March Forum, we are moving forward with these trials. The goal is to identify the technology that not only meets E911 requirements, but proves to offer the best solution for a cdmaOne network," said Perry LaForge, executive director of the CDG.

The CDG organized the trials into three categories with teams established to evaluate the following:

GPS/GPS Technologies: These trials will assess technologies that either incorporate a GPS receiver within the handset or utilize GPS signals at the handset.

Cell Site Technologies: This team will trial specialized equipment co-located at cell sites.

Hybrid Technologies: The trials conducted by this team will examine information collected from both cell sites and handsets to determine location.

Additional trial teams will be created if needed to address other technology options.

The CDG has also formed teams that are working with standards organizations, creating test plans and criteria, and examining maintenance and operations support issues for E911 and location-based services.

The trials will be conducted on operator networks, and results will be reported to the CDG for comparison and review to allow operators to understand the benefits and challenges of implementing the most promising technologies. The schedule for the trials is designed to ensure that results are made available with sufficient lead time to meet the FCC's October, 2001 deadline for E911 location capability.

"We want to offer operators a comprehensive study to eliminate problems when it is time for implementation. Looking to maximize value from these technologies, end-user location-based service capabilities are also being evaluated in the trials. It is a win-win proposition when a technology not only satisfies the FCC mandate for E911, but can bring additional value-added services to the consumer," added LaForge.

As was the case with the March CDG Location Technology Forum, vendors are encouraged to participate in the CDG's efforts to meet the FCC mandate. For more information on and possible participation, contact Ellen Douglas of the CDG at (714) 545-5211.