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CDMA Development Group, GTE Telecommunication Services Incorporated, and Cibernet Introduce cdmaConnect; A One-stop Roaming Program

ATLANTA, Feb. 23, 1998--The CDMA Development Group (CDG) today announced cdmaConnect, a program developed to offer CDG member operators outside of North America and new PCS operators in the U.S. an end-to-end IS-41 roaming solution. Developed in conjunction with wireless industry veterans, GTE Telecommunication Services Incorporated (GTE TSI) and CIBERNET, cdmaConnect provides the necessary process, structure, and solutions for roaming service provisioning, including a standard inter-carrier roaming agreement, data clearing, financial settlement, billing standards, call validation and delivery, fraud management and connectivity.

"With cdmaConnect, CDG member operators around the world are able to quickly offer automatic roaming service, creating significant opportunities to enhance customer satisfaction," said Perry LaForge, executive director of the CDG. cdmaConnect will provide a one stop solution, required for profitable roaming operations based on the experience embedded in the processes which have matured over the last 10 years in North America, the world's largest roaming market.

"Participating CDG operators will gain tremendously from cdmaConnect, especially in the Asia Pacific market where international IS-41 roaming continues to grow in volume and importance," said Brian O’Shaughnessy, secretary for the CDG and vice president technology planning for Bell Mobility. "Together with GTE TSI and CIBERNET, the CDG will work closely with operators to facilitate new implementations of roaming service with cdmaConnect." Both CIBERNET and GTE TSI are industry leaders in the wireless roaming market. CIBERNET, the world leader in providing roaming related financial services to wireless operators, offers a complete outsourcing solution for reconciliation of invoices, foreign exchange services, funds transfer, and debt collection. "The cdmaConnect program is a terrific opportunity for CIBERNET to provide its financial expertise and services including intercarrier billing standards to cdmaOne carriers," said Steve Davies, managing director for CIBERNET plc.

GTE TSI, a veteran in the IS-41 roaming process, is contributing its industry-leading roaming solutions for connectivity, call delivery and validation, data clearing with full reporting of corresponding financial positions, fraud management and a solution for interstandard roaming. "GTE TSI is pleased to provide its cutting-edge roaming solutions to CDG member operators. Our focus is on solutions that streamline business processes and enable interoperability, thus reducing costs and adding to the opportunity for increased revenue," said Paul Wilcock, assistant vice president of marketing for GTE TSI. "cdmaConnect offers operators a single reliable source to meet all of their roaming needs, enabling them to remain successful in intensely competitive business environments," added Wilcock.

The CDG will administer the cdmaConnect program and also provide a forum for operators to address business issues related to global cdmaOne roaming over IS-41. Operators in different parts of the world will benefit from the ability to coordinate processes such as testing and interoperability. "Through cdmaConnect, cdmaOne customers will fast-track the deployment of a service which will generate substantial revenue for their operations," said LaForge. CIBERNET offers a specialized financial service for all national and international mobile roaming agreements that encompasses financial and administrative aspects of roaming invoice settlement. CIBERNET
also develops inter-operator billing standards and maintains the Cellular Intercarrier Billing Exchange Roamer Record, CIBER, the standard used by IS-41 operators. GTE TSI, a business unit of GTE Corporation, operates the world's largest data clearinghouse, offers international roaming solutions and a suite of comprehensive, integrated fraud management products and
services all linked by world class networking capabilities. The company, based in North America, has been a leading provider of innovative solutions for mobile telecommunications operators for more than 10 years.

For information regarding cdmaConnect, contact Terry Yen of the CDG at 714/545-5211 or email

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