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Wideband cdmaOne™ Technology Endorsed by Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) Groups

CDMA Development Group Advocates Harmonization
Among Regional Standardization Groups

COSTA MESA, Calif., April 6, 1998 — Working towards achieving a common worldwide third generation (3G) wireless standard, the CDMA Development Group (CDG) today announced that several groups within the TIA have endorsed Wideband cdmaOne technology as a basis for 3G radio technologies being submitted to the ITU. These TIA groups include the TIA TR 45 Committee, the TIA Wireless Communications Division, TIA Ad Hoc Committee on 3G wireless systems and the TIA TR 45.5 IMT-2000 Standards Coordinating Ad Hoc.

These endorsements represent a major step in the development of Wideband cdmaOne as a next generation standard, and indicate significant support from the Americas in preparation for the pending ITU IMT-2000 submissions.

In addition, the CDG again called for efforts toward convergence both regionally and globally, reemphasizing its recent 3G standards resolution passed by the CDG Executive Board, publicly announced on February 24, 1998, at Wireless ‘98.

"The CDG congratulates the TIA for its achievements, and contribution towards the advancement of CDMA technology, and encourages the Association to continue its exemplary work towards achieving harmonization," said Perry LaForge, executive director of the CDG. "We are particularly pleased with the TIA’s newly formed TR45.5 IMT-2000 Standards Coordination group and support its initiatives in working with regional standards bodies, including ARIB, TTA and ETSI, on trying to harmonize CDMA air interface proposals to minimize regional differences and create a common air interface."

Highlights from the CDG’s recent resolution on 3G standards announced on February 24 included the following:

The CDG is eager for the consolidation of CDMA technologies, including Wideband cdmaOne, which are being developed for IMT-2000. The CDG wishes to establish one common worldwide CDMA standard that leverages the strengths of cdmaOne, and meets the spectrum needs of existing and planned cdmaOne systems.

The CDG recognizes Family of Systems as a viable concept and encourages the development of ANSI-41 based systems to be a member of IMT-2000 core networks.

The CDG requests that harmonization of next generation systems be available in order to commence commercial services after the year 2001 for worldwide markets.

"The CDG believes that direct interaction between all the interested regional standards bodies including ARIB, TTA, ETSI and the TIA will better facilitate the worldwide convergence process. Harmonization provides significant benefits, such as equipment economies of scale and simplified global roaming. These advantages will be far more difficult to achieve if regional differences are not minimized," added LaForge.