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CDMA Development Group Announces Support For IMT-2000 Family Of Systems Concept For Third Generation Wireless Systems

Wideband cdmaOne™ Plays Key Role in New Third Generation Wireless Family Concept

LONDON, Oct. 29, 1997 — At the First Annual CDMA European Regional Congress in London, England, the CDMA Development Group (CDG) today expressed support for the IMT-2000 Family of Systems Concept for third generation wireless standards. The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) proposed the concept to establish commonality and facilitate global roaming between the various third generation technologies now emerging around the world.

At present, Asia, Europe, and North America are witnessing the emergence of several different third generation standards. Many of these standards are based on two major network platforms, TIA EIA IS-41 with 79 million subscribers worldwide and GSM MAP with over 55 million subscribers. The IMT-2000 family of systems concept provides a model for integrating the emerging regional groups for third generation wireless standards into a seamless global network.

The family of systems concept outlines three requirements of wireless standards now to be included in the family of systems. First a "family member" must demonstrate a clear migration path to converge with other third generation systems. Second, the system must incorporate an air-interface standard that is compliant with IMT-2000 requirements . Third, the system must have a core network, such as IS-41 or GSM MAP that can interface with other family member networks to enable global roaming capabilities. This actually means all core networks will eventually interwork to support global roaming. By outlining the specification services that the IMT-2000 systems must support, the family of systems concept allows vendors and operators to continue to meet specific market needs. At the same time, the concept will lead to convergence and the achievement of global roaming capabilities.

"The CDMA Development Group fully supports the IMT-2000 family of systems concept," said Perry LaForge, executive director for the CDG. "Given the emergence of various third generation air-interface approaches, the family of systems concept will allow us to achieve convergence and global roaming goals as set forward by the ITU."

The CDG and its member companies have played an active role in drafting and submitting contributions to the IMT-2000 family of systems concept. The CDG’s Advanced Systems Team has contributed to the ITU’s "Framework for IMT-2000 Networks" document. Also, the Advanced Systems Team is participation in efforts by the ITU and Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) to develop IMT-2000 standards.