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CDMA Development Group launches CDMA Spectrum -- the quarterly journal of the CDMA world

Joint publication with Mobile Communications International chronicles the worldwide development of CDMA

COSTA MESA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 20, 1997--The CDMA Development Group (CDG) and Mobile Communications International (MCI) Tuesday announced the launch of a new quarterly publication entitled CDMA Spectrum.

The new journal will chronicle the adoption and deployment of CDMA systems around the world, highlight the development of CDMA products and services, and provide a forum for discussion of issues that affect both CDMA equipment manufacturers and service providers.CDMA Spectrum will be published by MCI, in conjunction with the CDG.

Tim Molloy of MCI will serve as publisher, with Vaughan O'Grady of MCI serving as editor. In addition, Perry LaForge, executive director of the CDG, will actively participate in providing editorial content to CDMA Spectrum, contributing a column on CDMA issues, news and developments in every issue.

"The launch of CDMA Spectrum represents an important milestone in the growth and expansion of IS-95 CDMA and the CDG. CDMA has clearly demonstrated its advantages in commercial deployments around the world and secured a role as a leading worldwide wireless standard," said LaForge. "There is now significant momentum and interest in CDMA, mandating a publication like CDMA Spectrum to meet the growing demand for information. We are particularly pleased to work with a leading publisher like MCI, and through our combined efforts, we believe the quality and content of CDMA Spectrum will be unparalleled."

"CDMA Spectrum will be ideally placed to bring the wireless industry the most informative view on the CDMA market and technology developments. With the support and cooperation of the CDG, and MCI's established international profile, CDMA Spectrum has a solid foundation from which to build upon," added Molloy.

The first edition of CDMA Spectrum, which will be released in conjunction with the CDMA World Congress in Singapore on June 2, 1997, will feature the following newsworthy topics and issues:

Interviews with Executives from Leading Manufacturers -- The inaugural issue includes interviews with Jack Scanlon, executive vice president and general manager of Motorola's Cellular Infrastructure Group, and Scott Erickson, vice president, marketing and international business development, wireless infrastructure, Lucent Technologies.

Information on New CDMA Products and Services -- Network planning tools, miniature base stations, mobile test sets and a report on available products and design trends in the CDMA handset market are the featured topics in the June '97 issue.

Reports on the Development of Next Generation Systems -- The next great challenge for the CDMA industry is the evolution to third-generation digital systems. CDMA Spectrum will take an in-depth look at the various efforts to define and develop broadband CDMA systems to meet the needs of wireless users in the 21st Century.

In-depth Analysis of Specific CDMA Network Deployments -- The inaugural issue focuses on the system launch by PrimeCo Personal Communications, which ranks as one of the largest wireless service launches to date and the first simultaneous multi-market launch by a PCS provider.

CDMA Spectrum will have a large circulation throughout the world. Subscriptions will be provided free of charge to qualified organizations. For subscription information please contact Helen Walsh of MCI at +44-171-453-2202 or by fax at +44-171-208-0130.

Please send all subscription requests on company letterhead and include the names and job titles of all prospective subscribers. Also, please identify your company by type of product or service (equipment manufacturer/network operator/service/reseller/consulting/ government).