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CDMA Deveopment Group (CDG) Announces cdmaOne -- Universal Industry Term For cdma Technology

cdmaOne to Replace Cumbersome Standards Terminology

REPUBLIC OF SINGAPORE, June 3, 1997 -- Facilitating the worldwid acceptance of CDMA technology, the CDMA Development Group (CDG) today announced the creation of a new universal term for IS-95 based CDMA specifications -- cdmaOne. This new term will serve as an umbrella for the worldwide family of products that are based on the IS-95 air-interface, namely wireless local loop, PCS and cellular technology.

cdmaOne was formally unveiled today by Perry LaForge, executive director for the CDG, at the Second Annual CDMA World Congress at the Raffles City Convention Centre in the Westin Stamford & Westin Plaza, Singapore. The CDMA World Congress will continue through June 5, 1997.

"Our goal in developing this universal, simple industry term is to use a common name when referring to CDMA systems around the world, as we are now in the process of building a worldwide integrated network based on cdmaOne technology," explained LaForge. "cdmaOne is the only true worldwide CDMA standard being deployed today, and is also the only wireless standard offering global operators superior system economics, improved network performance, increased capacity and enhanced voice quality -- the necessary elements required to succeed in an increasingly competitive mobile marketplace."

In describing the selection of the name, LaForge added, "When reflecting on the new cdmaOne logo, the word One acknowledges two pertinent industry issues -- first, cdmaOne is the only true worldwide standard for CDMA, and secondly, under this name, the industry is embracing a family of standards and products that are all based on IS-95 technology. cdmaOne is rich in meaning, simple to communicate and eventually will become an important technology designator, even for the consumer market."

The name cdmaOne and its logo will be for the use of CDG member companies, and will serve to underscore the worldwide support for IS-95 based systems around the world. The new name encompasses all CDMA standards terminology including IS-95, IS-96, IS-98, IS-99, IS-634 and IS-41.

cdmaOne is the only worldwide digital CDMA standard with millions of commercial customers today. cdmaOne is supported by nearly 50 network and subscriber equipment manufacturers and over 25 of the leading wireless network operators. The cdmaOne product family includes cellular, PCS and wireless local loop applications and represents the universal set of specifications embodying these deployments from network to air interface.